Gymbo's Corner – Covering Fire

By GymboSlice | May 22, 2008 |

Today I will talk about how to put down proper Suppressive Fire. Suppressive fire (also known as covering fire) is a term used in military science for firing weapons at or in the direction of enemy forces with the primary goal of reducing their ability to defend themselves or return fire, by forcing them to…

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9-44, You Call That Suppressive Fire!!

By Feccy J | May 20, 2008 |

Recently Jeffrosaw went 9-44. Is this what the LRSD needs? Jeffro said, “I shoot the fastest, I am suppressive fire!” Now in my book 9-44 is not suppressive fire.. It’s more like not firing at all. It seems Jeffro forgot how to use his LMG. This performance looks like he tried throwing his shoe instead…

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Bore Passes Drug Test Goes 0-25?

By GymboSlice | May 20, 2008 |

Bore passes his drug test for performances enhancers.  Bore was not taking HGH, it was actually peanut butter and jelly.  Bore just had a good stretch of games and seemed to have vastly improved.  Bore then went back to his old self and had a terrible run of games without recording a kill.  Bore went 0-25 and was…

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Was Bore Performance Enhanced? HGH?

By GymboSlice | May 16, 2008 | Comments Off on Was Bore Performance Enhanced? HGH?

Rumors are circulating each day claiming Bore has been using performance enhancers. An unknown source reported the Bore has been purchasing HGH (Human Growth Hormone) off him for the last two months. The unknown source said this is the reason behind the sudden rise in Bore’s skill level. Bore was one of the worst players…

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Bravo Team Battles! Feccy J Media Interview

By Feccy J | May 16, 2008 |

Feccy J speaks out about the recent battles of Bravo Team! Media: Feccy. How has the Bravo Team performed lately? We know recently they have been going off on their own and stepping out of the shawdow of Alpha Team.  FECCY J:  Currently the Bravo Team is doing very well in Sabotage, recording a record of…

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Bore Drops SkippyBoo! 10-5 Upset Special!

By GymboSlice | May 15, 2008 |

SkippyBoo has been angered by the recent rise of Bore and challenged him to a one on one battle last night. As the rest of the LRSD looked on SkippyBoo tried to go to work but was consistently denied by Bore. SkippyBoo was earlier quoted in saying “Bore is my Fu*king Kryptonite” and this remained…

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Jeffrosaw Returns!! Plus Other LRSD News

By GymboSlice | May 13, 2008 |

Recently retired LRSD Co-Leader Jeffrosaw has just returned from retirement. The crazy war veteran returned and proved he still has the skills to play for a championship caliber squad like the LRSD. Jeffrosaw dominated several games last night as the Alpha and Bravo teams played together as one and dominated several squads. One team in…

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May 2008 Mad Dog Madden Ratings

By GymboSlice | May 5, 2008 |

MadDog Madden Ratings LRSD – Alpha TakedownSpecial – 95 GymboSlice – 90 HighFive87 – 91 HipHopJunky – 84 TheDiaperDandy – 88 BobBigCack – 83 Spit Metal – 93 ½ Jeffrosaw – 81 KillTyrant – 88 LRSD – Bravo BobLilCack – 71 Feccy J – 74 lX P Xl – 80 Bore92 – 64 Nardskilla –…

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Mad Dog Madden Ratings Coming Soon!!!

By GymboSlice | April 30, 2008 | Comments Off on Mad Dog Madden Ratings Coming Soon!!!

The Mad Dog Madden Player Ratings for the LRSD will be released this week.  Stay Tuned for the first ever Mad Dog Madden Ratings!!!

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Wooshy and Diaper Pulled Over!

By GymboSlice | April 22, 2008 |

Magic Wooshy and Diaper Dandy decided to go for an afternoon cruise and they were pulled over by the local police. Police did not reveal to the media why the young stars of the LRSD were pulled over but they did mention something strange about their IDs. For some odd reason Magic Wooshy and Diaper supplied the…

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