Iso Ideas

Hey guys this is Iso again, I have some ideas that could make the team better.  This is my opinion, so don’t give me any shit about what I say just maybe make suggestions to them.  1.  when doing gb, i notice we only a snd team, so why are we doing team death match when we never practice it?  My opinion in this before we do a game mode in game battles we should at least be good at it.  2.  We need to practice set ups in practice.  I notice that when Captain I and mad dog tell someone to go somewhere they have no idea where the hell to go.  So my opinion we need to practice in private match and learn all the set ups and what to do if one person dies in the set up.  3.  Yelling during match, we should stop nerd raging during the match and save it for after the match.  this way we can keep a cool head and also keep the voice com open to listen for call outs.   4.  we should scrim agianst each other to practice set ups.  yes i know we could practice during gb but that could lead to us getting a lost.  why not practice agaisnt each other.  for example we had 8 players in the lobby, we could had captain I on one team and mad dog on the other to teach people set ups.  5.  give takedown a vaccine.  just saying he a great clutch player but is a chicken pussy sometimes.  6.  give me accuracy practice.  7.  People need to go to the spots they are told to go and not wander off.  I notice alot of team mates die bc someone is not in the spot their suppose to be.  Come on we practice it, dont freaking forgot everything you learn when we actually start a serious match.

This is all my opinions.  yes like I said its only an opinion so dont nerd rage at me.  hopefully my advice can be heard.  Yes I know this team is great and know alot of strats that I do not know but it doesnt mean we can try new things.  Ok Iso is out