Meet the Members

Mad Dog (Leader)

Gamertags: MadDog nV or Team LRSD or xllMadDogllx

Name: Classified

Age: Classified

Location: last seen, honing his skills in the state of PA

Mad Dog is The LRSD… Got it? Mad Dog has the final word on everything team related, he knows you better than you know yourself upon meeting you, and if you cross him… well… Take my advice and never EVER, cross the Mad Dog.

Im sure you have heard the saying “he has the heart of a lion”, well lions have the heart of Mad Dog. Nowhere will you find a leader who cares more about his team. Respect is earned, never gained.


GymboSlice (Co-Leader)

Name: Jim or James or Jimmy

Age: Classified

Location: Jersey

GymboSlice is one of the co-leaders of the LRSD and one of the original 7 LRSD members. Gymbo handles anything to do with the website.

Gamertag = Gymboslice


Takedownspecial (Co-Leader)

Name: Ed or Eddie

Age: Classified

Location: Jersey

Takedown is one of the co-leaders of the LRSD and one of the original 7 LRSD members. Takedown handles most of the artwork you see for the LRSD.

Gamertag = TakedownSpecial


Jeffrosaw (Co-Leader)

Name: Jeff or Jeffro

Age: Classified

Location: Jersey

Jeffrosaw is one of the co-leaders of the LRSD and one of the original 7 LRSD members. Jeffrosaw comes and goes.  Some of the newer members think of Jeffrosaw like a Big Foot or Lochness because they have only heard stories about him.

Gamertag = Jeffrosaw


Magic Wooshy (Captain)

Name: Mitch or Woo

Age: Classified

Location: Jersey

Magic Wooshy is one of the original 7 LRSD members. Wooshy handles a lot of the artwork and he always chimes in on some articles from time to time.

Gamertag = Magic Wooshy


DiaperDandy or Diaper (Captain)

Name: Bry or Bryan

Age: Classified

Location: Jersey

DiaperDandy is one of the original 7 LRSD members. Diaper runs his mouth a lot.

Gamertag = The DiaperDandy


Feccy J (Captain)

Name: Jim or Feccy

Age: Classified

Location: Jersey

Feccy J is one of the long time veterans who started back in the COD 4 days. Feccy runs his mouth worst then Diaper Dandy and is known as the meanst person in the LRSD.  Feccy is also one of the writers on the website.

Gamertag = F3CCY J


JigSaw (Council)

Gamertag = JigSaVV x

Name: Danny

Age: 21

Location: Chicago IL

JigSaw became a LRSD member early on during the World at War generation, and has become one of the LRSD’s greatest assets. He started out as a mediocre player, with a good personality, and has become one of the best teammates, leaders, and players on the team. His selfless playing style, patience, and no BS personality has been the reason for leading numerous Bravo Teams to victory, despite drama. Look for Jigsaw to become one of the teams top competitors in MW2


Battojin (Council)

Battojin is like a new old timer.  Battojin came on towards the end of the first World at War game battles season.

Gamertag = Battojin22


RazorHead (Veteran)

RazorHead is one of the original 7 LRSD Members. Razorhead is an old timer so don’t mess with him.

Gamertag = XxRazorHead


BoBBigCack or BigCack (Veteran)

BobBigCack one of the old timers who shows his face every once in a while.  BobBigCack is known for his 6 second clutch during the first GB season.

Gamertag = BobBlgCack007


Bobby Shadow (Veteran)

Bobby Shadow is one of the young old timers. Shadow and Grim ran the Delta Team during the World at War seasons.

Gamertag = Bobby Shadow


Grim or Grimpunisher (Veteran)

Grim is one of the young old timers.  Grim and Shadow ran Delta Team during the World at War era.

Gamertag = o7 GRiM 7o


HighFive (Veteran)

HighFive is one of the old timers that was recruited back when the squad played Halo 2.

Gamertag = HighFive87


OverDose (Veteran)

OverDose is a newer veteran and he was brought in by Feccy J so he’s just as cranky.  Don’t get him started.

Gamertag= xXIOvErDoSeDIXx


Paco (Veteran)

Paco is an old timer from the COD 4 era.  Paco played for the COD 4 hardcore team who had a solid record before breaking up.

Gamertag= oJustcallmeDaddy


Bore (Veteran)

Bore was another Feccy J recruit from back in the COD 4 days.  Bore’s mouth is like a garbage disposal he just spits out nonsense non stop.

Gamertag= Bore92


Mugze or JewBacca (Veteran)

Mugze is a Grim/Shadow recruit.  Mugze has been around long enough to earn veteran status but not long enough to hold any real power.  Mugze was a member of the Delta Team.

Gamertag= MUGZY101


Pafinator (Veteran)

Pafinator is the little brother of BobBigCack.  Paf was given the nickname BobLilCack but it failed to stick.  Paf is another Feccy J recruit and has been with the LRSD for a while now.

Gamertag= Pafinator7


Starnards (Veteran)

Nards is another Feccy J recruit and has been around since the COD 4 era.

Gamertag = StarNards3


Liath (Veteran)

Liath joined the LRSD during the World at War era but has been around long enough to be considered a veteran.  Liath is a good teammate and helps out with some of the work you see on the website.

Gamertag = LI4th or Liath1


GC8 Empreza or Empreza (Veteran)

Empreza is one of the old LRSD members that goes back to the Halo era. Empreza has been around a long time and he’s usually the sniper in every game.  If he’s not carrying a sniper then he probably doesn’t have a gun in his hand.

Gamertag = GC8 Empreza


Mr. Bone (Veteran)

Mr. Bone is a old veteran who’s been around for a while now.  Mr. Bone is a quiet player and is very underrated.

Gamertag= MrBone80


ManCubb (Veteran)

ManCubb is one of the youngest members in the LRSD.  ManCubb is a big fan of Halo so he spends most his time doing his own thing.

Gamertag = ManCubb555


Falcons (Veteran)

Falcon was recruited by Bobby Shadow and Grim.  He was one of the main players on Delta Team.

Gamertag = JKFalcons39


UnyieldingGhost (Veteran)

Ghost has been with the LRSD since the early days of COD 4. Ghost is a solid player and has played on both Alpha and Bravo Teams in the past.

Gamertag = UnYiElDgGhOsT


Hastro (Veteran)

Hastro is pretty well known throughout the Call of Duty community and he’s also close with the LRSD.  Some say he’s not that good at World at War but those are probably the people getting killed by him in his crazy highlight reels.

Gamertag = HastrO nV


Captain / iNSANO (Veteran)


Previously known as “Player”, he is just that. A player and he’s good at it. He has a great shot but that is not what he’s known for. Player’s a brain. You can make a novel with his callouts and strategic ideas but there isn’t always time to read books on the battlefield. He analyzes and it keeps him a step ahead. When he concentrates on his thoughts and not trying to make sure others are playing the game as mentally as he is, he is a great asset to any team.

RG or Level (Veteran)

Level is a young new guy with tremendous skill at the game.  If his mother would stop shutting down his Xbox in the middle of a game then maybe he’d serve a more important role inside the LRSD.  Who knows how he got rated veteran status but we’ll just leave it a lone for now.

Gamertag = leVel v2


Gauge (Veteran)

Gauge is another quality player the LRSD found in free agency and scooped him up.  Gauge quickly adapted to the way of the LRSD and is known through out the LRSD as a quality teammate.  He currently plays under Scarletts name because Scarlett is an nice guy.

Gamertag = GRABTHEGAUGE187 or Scarlett x


Axidental or frag or scarlett (Veteran)

Gamertag = AxidentalFrag or Scarlett x



Drist is the assistant team leader to the new Bravo Team. Drist has recruited some top notch players to round out the LRSD Samwiches, he is also a very skilled rifleman.

Gamertag = Drist x



Gamertag = xL Brier Lx



Gamertag =tivo9449


Clutchified or Clutch Field

Gamertag = XxI clUTcH1f1eD


Blind Mice

Gamertag = Th 3 Blind Mice



Gamertag = Sunshine HK


Ranking System

(FNG) = F** New Guy.

(Veteran) = Been around a long time.

(Council) = Votes on Issues with the Captains and Leaders.

Note: Ranks may not be accurate or up to date. A new ranking system will be put in place in the very near future.