Through the eyes of Iso

We Came As Romans-Seeking, Searching, Reaching, Always

Yo Yo everyone whats up!! This is Isolation the newest pro rookie on the team.  First off before I tell you about my team experience so far let me talk about myself.  1.  I’m number 1     2.  respect rule number one.   3.  fav guns  ACR, MP5   4.  Gymboslice is my fan boy   5.  Hate kids with squeaky voice, if your balls havent drop better stay clear.  6.  Pretty chill guy.

Ok now lets get to the main point of this post.  What i think about the team.  I think the team is great, everyone is beast mode (well not better then me) and great team work so far.  Some things i learn on the way.  Mad dog, his name is no lie, if u fuck up he will get mad.  Gymbo slice, he loves being my fan boy.  Takedown, really great player but needs to play a little aggressive in my opinion.  And captain I, notice no one listens to his lectures im like man thats kinda sucks.

So thats my opinion.  I see myself being on the very top soon as the best player in LRSD.  I love to join sessions in progress so ya better hope im on ya team or say good bye to ur k/d.  Well peace out isolation gonna hop back on and own some scrubs.

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