How to Get Silver Membership in GB (Do this ASAP if on Team)

Ok iso here with a how to get free silver membership for Gamebattles.  If your on the team do this asap.

Here all the things you need

1.facebook account

2.  at  least one email (the more the better)  3. and of course game battle account

Step 1.  go to this link  on the left side under the picture click on”eat play win”  click on the “click here” not the enter now that is for later.  click on the click here and provide the info it askes for and repeat for each email you have.  note only can do this once a day per email.

step 2.  k now the email to get a code should get to ur email(s) in about 10-3omins so just wait.  once u get the email there should be a code, go back to the hot pocket link and click on “Enter now” then provide your info and provide the code in the email.  then just follow the instructions then after u lose because obivioiusly your not gonna win the cash prize wait another 10-30mins again for another email.

step 3.  u will get an email from hotpockets again saying here your one free month, they will provide u with a link and code to use on the game battles website.  just enter the code and boom your silvermembership in gb now.

Ok iso is out any questions ask Insano or me.