Bore Drops SkippyBoo! 10-5 Upset Special!

SkippyBoo has been angered by the recent rise of Bore and challenged him to a one on one battle last night. As the rest of the LRSD looked on SkippyBoo tried to go to work but was consistently denied by Bore. SkippyBoo was earlier quoted in saying “Bore is my Fu*king Kryptonite” and this remained true as Bore coasted to a 10-5 victory. Skippy fell behind early and could just never catch up. Bore used his improved accuracy (which he learned from watching GymboSlice HIghlights) to pick apart Skippy as Skippy ran for his life across the map. Bore was award an increase of 3 Mad Dog Madden Rating points and said he felt bad beating SkippyBoo like that. Skippy lost 3 Mad Dog Madden Rating points and vowed to rematch bore in the future and get his points back.

After the match team leader Spit Metal said “Skippy hasn’t been himself lately, he’s been very inconsistent”, All Star Gymboslice added “Skippyboo has always been hit or miss”. Co-Leader Jeffrosaw said he was surprised by the result and was quoted in saying “I can’t believe he got dropped by Bore. I’m not that worried though, Skippy wasn’t drinking his Jack. Skippy plays like the Jeffrosaw when he’s drinking his Jack Daniels”.

Bore’s rise up the ranks has been a pleasant surprise. Rumors are circulating that he wants to fight Feccy J for Bravo Team Leader. Bore was overhead saying “I am the best player on Bravo Team. Feccy J will be taking orders from me very soon”. Will Bore eventually battle for Bravo Team Leader?


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