Wooshy and Diaper Pulled Over!

Magic Wooshy and Diaper Dandy decided to go for an afternoon cruise and they were pulled over by the local police. Police did not reveal to the media why the young stars of the LRSD were pulled over but they did mention something strange about their IDs. For some odd reason Magic Wooshy and Diaper supplied the police with similar ID’s (pictured below). Wooshy and Diaper were let off easy with just a ticket. Leaders of the LRSD caught word of the two trouble makers actions and said this will be settled as an in house problem. The young stars were not punished enough by the local police but they will receive punishment from the LRSD. Off the record one of the Leaders said “These little shits will pay for their actions with push ups, push ups and more push ups.” Another leader said “These kids won’t be needing a car they will be running wherever they go.” Getting in trouble with the law comes at a nifty price in the LRSD. Diaper Dandy and Magic Wooshy will be suspended by the team for 10 games and fined 100 dollars each. Throwing dirt on the LRSD name will not be tolerated and neither will young ignorance.

Magic Wooshy ID

Diaper Dandy ID


  1. ? on May 3, 2008 at 7:12 pm

    i think these to boys deserve some forgiveness. Everybody makes mistakes and this one should be forgotten. I know Gymbo slice of the team and he doesnt come off so clean either with them party nights. jeffrosaw with those emo withdrawls . and mad dog3 with those verbal remarks that leave scars on the teams moral. hip hop junkies to short and doesnt care about anyone he thinks his $hit dont stink . as of these 2 man there just little saints.

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