Bore Passes Drug Test Goes 0-25?

Bore passes his drug test for performances enhancers.  Bore was not taking HGH, it was actually peanut butter and jelly.  Bore just had a good stretch of games and seemed to have vastly improved.  Bore then went back to his old self and had a terrible run of games without recording a kill.  Bore went 0-25 and was thrown out of a the party by Spit Metal and banned from playing Search and Destory with the LRSD. Bore would not comment about his performance.  Spit Metal who was in the battle with Bore did have a few comments, he was quoted in saying “It was probably the worst performance I have ever seen. Not many people can play that bad.”  Feccy J said “His run of a couple good games got to his head.”

So will Bore step it up or will he be cut from the LRSD?  Gymboslice was quoted in saying “You got to get kills to stay on the LRSD. If anything will send him down to the minor leagues and he can work out his shooting problems down there. Bore won’t be cut because he has shown flashes of potential.  Everyone has a bad stretch of games.” 

On a positive note his match with Skippy will count as a victory.  This stretch of terrible games won’t affect his Mad Dog Madden Rating just yet.  The LRSD and the council will give Bore a chance to work out his mental issues.  BobLiLCack says “Look for Bore to bounce back.”    

So, Will Bore continue to struggle? Will the LRSD bench him for a couple games?  Stay Tuned!



  1. killtyrant on May 20, 2008 at 4:13 am

    damn. =\

  2. TheGhost42 on June 3, 2008 at 7:20 pm

    lol ive seen worse…. MY BROTHER….
    Worst Score (3rd best score): 3-39