Bravo Team Battles! Feccy J Media Interview

Feccy J speaks out about the recent battles of Bravo Team!

Media: Feccy. How has the Bravo Team performed lately? We know recently they have been going off on their own and stepping out of the shawdow of Alpha Team. 

FECCY J:  Currently the Bravo Team is doing very well in Sabotage, recording a record of 12-2. FECCY J of course is preforming at the highest of levels.  Not many people can play at the level of FECCY J.  I think of myself as a super star that can’t be stopped on the field of battle. 

Meda: How are Nards and Bore doing?  We know these guys have been trouble in the past.  Are Nards and Bore following your orders?

Feccy J: Nards and Bore continue their arguing about pointless crap. It’s like dealing with two 5 year olds crying about none sense.  These guys will argue about a lot of nonsense and this can be a major distraction to the rest of the team.  This nonsense will not be tolerated on Bravo Team. The little bitches are doing push ups right now.

Media: Kill Tyrant returned to the LRSD for the first time last night, How did he perform?  Did Kill Tyrant have any battle rust?  Do you feel Kill Tyrant will be a good fit for Bravo Team?

Feccy J: As for Kill Tyrant welcome back and I got no complaints about him.  Kill Tyrants comes to work.  Kill Tyrant puts up quality performance after performance like he did last night going 57-10. Kill Tyrant is a great addition to the Bravo Team.  I only wish that Nards and Bore could fight like the Tyrant.

Media: How is LilCack holding up? Is he performing up to the standards you have set for Bravo Team?  Do you think he will ever be as good as the BigCack?

Feccy J: LilCack does what he has to do even though he has a “lil cack”. Maybe one day he will fill the shoes of BigCacks.  Right now LilCack really isn’t on BigCack’s level.  Give the kid a couple years he might be able to step out of the shadow of BobBigCack. 

Media: What are some of the negative things that are going on with the Bravo Team?

Feccy J: There are some negative things going on within B-Squadl.  Skippy has had enough of Bore. Skippy was quoted saying “Bores just gotta stop trying to talk shit and start listening, I’m fed up with this Sh*t and i don’t know what to do.”  We are just going to have to figure what to do with Bore, the self proclaimed Bravo Team leader of the future. Who knows we might just have to realease a secret video of Bore.  The video features Bore rubbing Hershey syrup all over himself in the shower (Feccy J laughs).  That might be the only thing to do at this point.  A little public humilation.


  1. LRSD Council on May 16, 2008 at 8:51 pm

    The LRSD will be reviewing the actions of Bore and the situation will be dealt with in house. The council would also like to see a rematch between Bore and Skippy Boo. Rumors are circulating Bore was using performance enhancers before the game.