Will A Little Rivalry Break This Clan?

There is definitely some angry faces coming out of the LRSD Hardcore Division’s training locker this morning, due to the defeat by it’s sister clan, LRSD Alpha Team, on Monday night. The fact that the world renowned journalist Gymbo Slice wrote an article about it the day after has also rubbed some salt in the wounds of these fallen gentleman.

We, the media, of course like to speculate and give our ideas as to why certain events may have happened. Could this be just another lapse in co-leader lx P xl’s talent or was it an all-round bad game? Some of the players unofficially stated that there may have been to much horse-play during the game and not enough warfare. Others say that the Hardcore Division have beat members from the Alpha and Bravo team so many times already that one loss does not mean a thing.

We were able to catch up with Dark Nights Con this morning as he stormed towards his Hum-vee from the the locker rooms:

Media: “Dark, what are your thoughts on Monday nights clash against LRSD Alpha Team?”

Dark: “They are a great team, had a bit of good luck, and we were not on top of our game.”

Media: “Do you think lx P xl and yourself are mainly to blame for the teams loss?”

Dark: “Yes, I am certain of that.”

Media: “It seems that LRSD Alpha Team is living on cloud nine at the moment because of the win. Could there be a chance of a rematch?”

Dark: “Actually yes, TONIGHT! I hereby challenge LRSD Alpha Team to a rematch tonight (Wednesday, July 16, 2008). Upon approval by the Alpha Team leader, we will play a Game Battles Hardcore match: best 2 out of 3, no air support, no noob tubes, 5 vs 5 or 6 vs 6, and maps will be decided upon agreement. BRING IT LADIES!”

So there you have it, Dark Nights Con has officially challeneged LRSD Alpha Team to a rematch. We came to find out also that the other occassions that LRSD Hardcore Division beat members from LRSD Alpha and Bravo teams, Mad Dog (LRSD Alpha/Bravo Leader and Founder) made excuse after excuse about why his team was defeated. So the final questions are, will Alpha Team accept the chellange? Will Mad Dog finally own up to any loses that may occur at the hands of the Hardcore Division or will he continue to make excuses for his team? Is that the type of attitude and example that a leader should make on his team or should Mad Dog take lessons from Dark Nights Con? Keep an eye open tonight for the beginning of World War III between LRSD Alpha Team and LRSD Hardcore Division.

The Dark Sidelx P xl also wanted to add, “Tonight is the beginning of darkness, and the end of light.”


  1. Magic Wooshy on July 16, 2008 at 8:38 pm

    I hope the dark side put down the Lysol and wiped the grease up because they have not yet played the full alpha squad in any line of combat. I’m not hard core kinda guy but i think i can maintain a pretty good a Kill death ration in this game. good luck kids you’re gonna need it.

  2. Gymboslice on July 16, 2008 at 8:53 pm

    The Darkside might want to rethink what they are about to do here. It probably would be in their best interest to reschedule this event for a later date but if they want to get TKO’d by Gymboslice and Company they are more then welcome.

    Rule One: We will not play the game unless both parties have their full 6 man starting line up ready. I don’t want to hear any excuses like if we had Nose Dive we would of won.

    Rule Two: IX P XI has to bring his A game or the match can not go on tonight. He should ice his hand, eat his Wheaties, buy some skills at the local Walmart (I know they got 100’s of Walmarts in Arkansas) or whatever else he needs to do to have his A game.

    I would like to make it a best of 7 (4 wins takes the series for anyone who is an idiot). All search and destroy hardcore. We will flip a coin or something to see who gets first map selection and alternate after that.

    We will discuss in more detail later on.

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