XBOX's are Down and Out — Fantasy League Running Strong

The Madden League will start up in another week.  Currently have several xboxes down and out and have been unable to get online. The xbox break down has caused a major problem and it is currently being resolved.  We are boosting to a better internet connection and currently have XBOX repairs on my end so I am sort of holding up the tournament.

Jeffro’s xbox is down because it couldn’t handle loading a Miami Dolphins vs Oakland Raider Madden game.  Too much talent was about to take to the field and his xbox had a fit and self destructed. Gymbo’s Xbox couldn’t contain his greatness and handle the domination fashion that Gymbo was beating people in Madden so it destoryed itself.  Jeffro and Gymbo spoke with XBOX officials and this will never happen again.  They are working on the problem and it should be corrected by October 2nd.

Have no fear Gymbo is still here!!

Side Note: Jeffro was later defeated by Gymboslice as Gymbo and the Dolphins rolled over Jeffro and the Raiders.  This took place on Gymbo’s Xbox which was later destoryed.

Fantasy Football Notes:

Mad Dog and his fantasy football team are currently 0-3. Mad Dog has made his return to the Gymbo Knows fantasy league and it has been a rather dissappointing start to the season.  Mad Dog predicted great things for his squad but has been shut out in the wins column so far this season.  Can Mad Dog win a Game? Will he be worse then the 2007 Miami Dolphins?  Will Mad Dog just Retire?

Other LRSD Members in the League:

The Great Gymboslice  2-1

Jeffrosaw 3-0

Takedownspecial 2-1

Diaper Dandy 1-1-1

Skankin 1-2

ManCubb 0-3

Knockdown 0-2-1


  1. feccyj on September 27, 2008 at 11:57 am

    I feel your pain Mad Dog i am also 0-3 in fantasy its tough to handle

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