Where Are They Now?

If you have seen either of these two Alpha Team members please contact the LRSD. Both have been missing from action for quiet some time now. A lot of rumors have been circulating about the disappearance of both men. Will HopHopJunky and HighFive return to the LRSD anytime soon?

Rumor has hit HipHopJunky has been deported back to the mother land of China. HipHop has been rumored to be running an illegal fireworks ring in China Town, New York. Reports were saying HipHop never really stopped working in the illegal firework business and was trying to keep a low profile, obviously if this is true HipHop won’t be back to the LRSD for a long time. Strange thing was after disappearance of HipHopJunky there is a rumored firework shortage for this upcoming 4th of July.

HighFive has been rumored to have been seen in many of the Local Bars. HighFive sometimes goes on these strange drinking binges and finds himself waking up in jail cells across the country. If anyone has seen HighFive just send him back to the LRSD.

Media asked Mad Dog “How long do they have to return to the LRSD?” Mad Dog replied saying “We are not going to put a time table on their return. We are just concerned with finding both these soldiers and putting them back into the starting line up. While they have been missing we are getting good production out of our other players like RDawg and Feccy J. Also, Magic Wooshy has return to the A-Team after his long absence and suspension. HipHop and HighFive will remain on Alpha Team until we find out more information. If necessary disciplinary actions will be taken and fines will be dished out.”


  1. Magic Wooshy on July 10, 2008 at 11:32 pm

    Highfive was a good team mate and was someone you wanted on your team so him coming back would just be a add on to the roster being a member of the alpha team comes alot of stress and i learned alot from taking a break that i always need the lrsd by my side but as of hip hop he was just a fly i was waiting to swat always trying to compete with me in sniping. but my sniper is something i have perfected . like my quote ” if i see’em im gonna snipe’em” i proved that in my first game battles back to the team. mad dog was even shocked. well both of them should stop hiding and come back we still have a spot waiting for you.