Tournament Double Team Pairings

LRSD regular has just announced the participants to their portion of the bracket. Each Team will have to play each other one time and report to GymboSlice the winner and score of each round and final score of the match. Example: Each Round: 4-1, 4-1 Match: 2-0 Winner: So on.

The LRSD Regular Guys can start scheduling games with each team in their division. You have to play every Team once so don’t be scared. Just Grab a leader or two and they will be able to Ref the match.

NOTE: Remember the scores of your Division Matches or you will have to rematch.

Photo’s of the match are not needed because no one needs to lie. We are all in the same clan and any issues with the match bring up with the Refs or Clan Leaders.

How it Will Work

1. For Division Play each Double Team will play each other once.

2. Each Division Series will be a best of 3. The First two Games will be a Search and Destroy matches. The third game if necessary will be a Death Match. The Death match game will not count on your overall record if you go to a game 3. Report the final score of the death match if it was needed.

3. The best two records will meet in the semi in a best of 5 series and the winner of that will face the winner of the other division (Hardcore / Regular). The Game Types will be 5 Search and Destory matches. (Best Record will go by Win %)

4. The Finals between the Hardcore winner and Regular winner will be a best of 7 series. It will work kind of like the World Series. The Finals will be all Search and Destroy rotating like a baseball playoff series between the two game types, hardcore and regular.

5. The Team with the Overall best division record will be given home field advantage (Game type advantage) in the Finals. Example: If you Have three 4-1 victories then your team is 12-3. Example: Hardcore Team is 14-5 and Regular Team is 13-6. The Finals will have 4 hardcore matches and 3 regular if it goes all 7 games. (Best Record will go by Win %)

6. The Maps will be chosen by one of the Clan Leaders Randomly out of a hat. A couple Maps will be banned from the two man tournament.

I gave LRSD regular all Team Names. If you don’t like your team name please send me a new one and maybe I will change it.

LRSD Regular

Team Name: The Magic Boys – Magic Wooshy and Feccy J

Team Name: Paf n Stars – Pafinator and StarNards

Team Name: RazorHead Now Your Dead – RazorHead and Grim Punisher

Team Name: Mad Dog’s Pups – KillTyrant and RDawg

Free Agents: Skipp Boo

Hardcore Teams

Team Name : The Whyties – Roger1228 and HPxALLAHx21

  • The Whyties beat Paco’s Pecker in 2 games. Maps: Backlot and Crossfire, Scores: 4-1 and 4-3

Team Name: Paco’s Pecker – Paco5000 and StealthPeck

Team Name: Public Enemy – Xx Ri0tMaKeR xX and killen villian

Team Name: Tribal Nose Wipes – lx TRIBAL xl and Nose Dive


1st – Turtle Beach Head Sets

2nd – Microsoft Points

Anyone Under 3rd Place will have to go to Mad Dog’s Basic Training.


Contact: GymboSlice


  1. FECCY J on July 19, 2008 at 3:12 am

    Magic Boys all the way.

  2. by ChOkeArtisT on July 22, 2008 at 4:03 am

    me and the king of kings want in

  3. feccyj on July 24, 2008 at 4:11 am

    The Magic Boys…Now you see us…Now you dont