Spit Metal Leads Alpha Team to Victory! Alpha 1-0

Spit Metal leads the LRSD Alpha team to its first game-battles victory and improves to 1-0.  The Alpha team which consisted of DiaperDandy, BobBigCack, Takedownspecial and Spit Metal shut out the team known as “In the Butt” two games to zero.  The LRSD really gave it to “In the Butt” and dominated both death matches.

Spit Metal commented saying “I lead the team to victory unlike Mad Dog. I’m a winner and a champion.  Look for the LRSD to rise through the game battles ranks and be a force to be reckon with.  We are the underground Call of Duty 4 Champions. Expect to see us at the top of the leader board in the future.”  

Takedownspecial said “He would like to thank his teammates Spit Metal, BobBigCack and DiaperDandy.  If it wasn’t for his team Takedownspecial wouldn’t be able to dominate like he always does.  My shoulders and back are a little sore but in time all wounds will heal. DiaperDandy did his job followed orders and was able to rack up a large some of kills with his great positioning.  Spit Metal cried a little during the game but that’s nothing major, I was just doing work.”

DiaperDandy said “It was a great performance by the Alpha Team.  Now only if Bravo Team could get their shit together.”

BobBigCack was quoted saying “We were down.  BigCack ran through the smoke and lead the team to victory.  Spit Metal and Takedown was nowhere to be found.  Diaper did great with his shotgun but his air-strikes were way off. I was calling in so many air strikes it was like an airport.”   

LRSD continues to dominate.  Who is next?  Who will step up?

Side Note: Gymboslice, HipHopJunky and Jeffrosaw were absent for the LRSD Alpha Team victory.

Other News:

Skippy Boo called Spit Metal and tried to apologize but Spit Metal held his ground and said that Skippy must write a letter of apology to the team and Spit Metal. Skippy was the first one to feel the wrath of the new leader Spit Metal. 

Bravo Team continues to have their issues. Bore has been demoted to Charlie Team and some people are questioning Nards commitment to the team. 

RDawg recently was named Bravo Team Co-Leader.

HipHopJunky has failed to show up for battle, practice and has failed in purchasing a new car.

HighFive returns to action and ends rumors that he might be demoted to Bravo Team.

Not to worry fans Gymboslice and Jeffrosaw are not injured they were just unable to make it to Alpha Team’s first victory.


  1. TheGhost42 on June 3, 2008 at 7:18 pm

    rofl yeh i only hope the other ppl on bravo can do well enuf to win games =p i kno me and P and feccy can ez

  2. Taylor Fecanin on December 14, 2009 at 11:50 am

    I will beat u F3CCY J u fool.