Spit Metal Flips Out Leaves the LRSD! Apologizes to BobBigCack

Spit Metal flipped out and resigned from the LRSD. Spit Metal let his emotions get the best of him and freaked out on his fellow team mates.  Spit Metal normally is very composed in battle but on this night he was in a rage of fury.  The LRSD was struggling and Spit Metal took out his anger on BobBigCack.

Spit Metal said he “I would like to apologize for taking my frustrations out on BobBigCack.  It was not his fault we lost the battle.”  Spit Metal said he will resign and step down as the LRSD leader. Spit Metal said he will retire and would like to be known as a great leader. Spit Metal leaves the LRSD after saving the clan from self-destruction. 

Mad Dog will return to the LRSD and take his rightful spot as leader.  Mad Dog said he has learned a lot being away from the LRSD and has a great deal to teach the young squad.  Mad Dog said “There are a lot of new faces on the LRSD.  We will go in to battle and we will win.”

Jeffrosaw said “It’s great to have Mad Dog back in the line up.  Spit Metal was on a major power trip.  He was crazier then the Mad Dog!”



  1. Skippyboo on June 21, 2008 at 4:11 pm

    This is for everyone I dissapointed by having my panties in a wad. We all remember that faithful night when Spit was doing his job and reminding me how to do mine. There was no reason to flip out like that and I APOLIGIZE…… I’m doing this because I need the LRSD. Sorry about that everyone.