Skippy Boo Who? Skippy Banished for Life!

Skippy Boo has been banished from the LRSD forever. His behavior will not be tolerated. Skippy Boo has been showing up to battle in poor shape and has been mouthing off to fellow teammates. Skippy Boo’s best friends Jack Daniels and Jim Beam have gotten him in trouble with the LRSD before but this time Skippy went too far. Skippy has a record of bad behavior and this time Mad Dog had enough. Skippy Boo has just blown his last chance with the team.

Gymboslice said “For all you young kids out there we would like to apologize for Skippy’s actions he has been a poor role model and the LRSD will use better judge when recruiting members in the future.”

Mad Dog said “This will not be tolerated by the LRSD. We have a fun environment and no punk is coming in and ruining it. We can deal without Skippy. His attitude has always been poor and he is a morale killer when he is around. The LRSD will keep moving on and we won’t miss a beat.”

Skippy Boo was unavailable for comment and I have a feeling this truly was the last time we saw Skippy Boo in battle with the LRSD.


  1. nuttzinyoface on August 5, 2008 at 5:22 pm

    not only did he get kicked for his attitude he left me high and dry in the clan turny because of it, which sux cause i dont want to have to forfeit it makes me look like a chump.

  2. Allah on August 10, 2008 at 6:00 am

    hey guys im out of the clan as well i tried to make thing right and dark and mad dog refused to talk to me. im sorry to leave roger alone in the doubles tourny but maybe he can find someone else to play with. Also Gymbo im ready whenever u r to play u in ncaa 2009. So good luck with lrsd and dsrl.