September LRSD Report

Dream Team Conspiracy??

How can this LRSD team be classified as a Dream Team with GymboSlice and Jeffrosaw not on the roster?  Is this some kind of conspiracy? I don’t even think you can even call it a Dream Team without these two beasts on the roster. This is definitely a huge mistake and someone has messed up big time here.

LRSD Member of the Month

Congrats to Liath for winning the LRSD member of the month.  Liath has been helping out a lot and has given a lot of time to the team. Liath has kept this website ( rolling along and he is also helping launch the new Mad Dog Gaming website.  Liath has picked up the slack where others have failed to do so and in turn Liath will be awarded with some sort of prize.  (Microsoft points or LRSD merchandise)

Runner up: JigSaw (Jigsaw developed possibly the greatest Bravo Team the LRSD has ever seen and has been a tremendous help with the LRSD website.)

If you want to be the next LRSD member of the month start giving back to the team.  If you have any articles, tips, tricks, news, videos or anything you would like to share please send your stuff to

Mad Dog Continues to Carry

Since Mad Dog has been around since the creation of Old Spice he feels it is necessary that his team wins the first ever Old Spice championship.  So to accomplish that goal Mad Dog created the LRSD Dream Team so he would almost guarantee himself the championship. Mad Dog went out and recruited the best World at War players in the game and he figured they would be able to carry him to the title with ease. Instead to the surprise of everyone it has been Mad Dog carrying this team on his back winning game after game.  One would think if you had the best players in the game then Mad Dog wouldn’t have to do much work but I guess things don’t always work out the way they seem.

Is Lego Over-Rated??

A lot of people are calling Lego (LRSD Dream Team Co-Leader) the greatest thing since sliced bread but if you ask me I think he’s just a little over-rated. First of all where’s his montage?? If your really that good you should have a nasty montage. You know what Lego has.. a little two minute clip of him killing the LRSD back ups in a playoff match. Last but not least why is Mad Dog carrying Lego on his back? If Lego was so good he’d be carrying the LRSD Dream Team on his back instead he has to piggy back off Mad Dog’s success.

Dream Team Remakes and Removes Egos

The Dream Team remade their Gamebattles team and removed a lot of egos from there rosters.  Some of the other members were letting there big heads get in the way of the teams success so Mad Dog had them removed.  So far the changes are paying off and the New Dream Team has started off 7-0.  Look for them to be on the first page before the season comes to a close at the end of September.

LRSD Samwiches Climbs the Rankings

Team LRSD Samwiches are on the rise and currently hold a 43-17 record (78th Overall Ranking).  This team has come together nicely so far and has exceeded all expectations. Jigsaw has done a great job of recruiting and it looks like he finally put together a quality Bravo Team.

Drist, TerryG, Fierce, Brizzly, Tylerrrr and Blind Mice have all been great new additions to the LRSD and right now you got to call them the greatest Bravo Team the LRSD has ever seen. (Sorry Old Bravo Team but you guys weren’t this good.)

Great work by all the team members and hopefully they can close out the season strong and make a push for the playoffs.   (Note: This could be the first time the LRSD has two playoff teams.)


  1. Fierce on September 8, 2009 at 2:00 pm

    Bravo will be in playoffs, no offense to anyone else however the success currently can mainly be attributed to Terry, Fierce, and Mice. The three of us have started to play as a team with really good chemistry which is the reason for the seven game win streak.

  2. Fierce on September 8, 2009 at 2:06 pm

    my last post was going crazy… sorry for that, Drist is a good player however when added into the mix the chemistry doesn’t flow as well as it does when it is just us three, which we are currently working on with him

  3. Fierce on September 8, 2009 at 2:07 pm

    someone can feel free to edit my post to make my grammer better and edit the first post… i was in class when i made them

  4. Liath on September 8, 2009 at 9:53 pm

    thanks gymbo but i dont need the points give it to some bks who need to buy the maps….. but if their is no one then ill take them with no compaints

  5. GRABTHEGAUGE187 on September 9, 2009 at 12:37 am

    Shoot ill take the points to buy map liath.