Second Hall of Fame Class Nominees

After much debate the LRSD Hall of Fame committee has come to a decision and they have nominated 8 possible candidates for the 2nd Hall of Fame class. These candidates will be put on this months Hall of Fame ballet and in order for them to get in they must receive the majority of the votes from the current Hall of Fame committee.

Here are the names that will appear on this months Hall of Fame ballet:

TakedownSpecial: He is sure fire Hall of Famer and is basically a lock to get in.  Takedown was arguably the best gun in the game and carried the team to many victories.  Because he was dragged out of retirement on several occasions he was ineligible for the first Hall of Fame class…

Mad Dog: He looked to be a lock for the Hall of Fame but all these video clips and bad press was released about the great Mad Dog.  Now with the rumors circulating of Mad Dog using performance enhancing weapons we aren’t sure if Mad Dog will get voted in by the committee…

Jigsaw: Another quality player but is Jigsaw good enough for the Hall.  Some have questioned Jigsaws skills at times but he has lead Bravo Team after Bravo Team to many many victories but a lot of controversy surrounded his teams.  As we all know the Hall of Fame isn’t for everyone so we will have to wait and see if its for Jigsaw…

Magic Wooshy: Another great clutch performer for the LRSD. If theres a knock on Magic Wooshy it was the fact that he wasn’t committed enough to the team and never hung around long enough to make a lasting impact….

DiaperDandy: Diaper has pretty much the same story as Magic Wooshy.  He was a great player but not sure he made enough of an impact to really be enshrined in greatness…

Bobby Shadow: Shadow was an amazing young player but some say he never lived up to the hype.  Shadow was only called up to Alpha Team on rare occasions but when he got there he never truely performed like the player everyone expected him to be.  Other then that Shadow was a great Bravo Team / Delta Team player but I’m not sure if thats gonna be enough to get him into the Hall.

RazorHead: Another one of those “what if” players. What if Razor Head played consistent? What if Razor Head was available for more important battles? Razor Head was good some days and not so good other days.  Other then the lack of consistentcy Razor was a solid Bravo Team but I’m not sure he has the tools for the Hall of Fame.

Grimpunisher: Grim was another amazing young player but he also never truely developed into the star he was projected to be.  Grim did have his moments especially during the 1v1 Tourney that never finished, there he was able to defeat several great Alpha Team players.


  1. Training Ninjutsu on October 22, 2009 at 3:46 pm

    Diaper and Wooshy you kidding me.. What about players like High Five, Bore, Pafinator and Star Nards???

  2. Robert Langdon on October 23, 2009 at 10:41 am

    Damn! I knew I wouldn’t find Mr. Bone listed here. Although he never played in GB’s, stories reaching far and wide have stated that he was a trusted adviser and had many classified diplomatic missions that paved the way for many of the LRSD teams and their successes. Is there any truth to these legends? Was Mr. Bone really the one behind the scenes pulling the strings? Or was he part of an assembly? Myth has it, there is a secret imperial order known as “The Camarilla”. Is he already a part of this “Top-Secret Hall of Fame”? Something tells me that nobody is going to find any existence of this secret sect.

  3. Paco5000 on October 25, 2009 at 2:34 pm

    what about Dark Nights Con…Ix P xI…Paco5000…or anyone else from CoD 4 hardcore team?

  4. Gymbo on October 26, 2009 at 11:26 am

    Not to worry Robert… Mr. Bone could possibly be in line for the 3rd Hall of Fame class. Stay Tuned..

  5. GymboSlice on October 26, 2009 at 2:35 pm

    I’m not sure Paco5000, P, or Dark Nights Con did enough to be awarded with such an honor. We will see who gets nominated next month..