Razor Head Goes Clutch! Not Once but Twice!

It was a two on one situation and Razor Head was the only one left. Razor snuck in and popped on enemy in the head with his silenced weapon. The other enemy finished planting the bomb and Razor Head sneaks through and rips into him nearly dying. Razor was a little surprised he took out the last two enemies he rested for a couple second and then went in to defuse the bomb and secure the victory.

Then overtime came LRSD was down to it’s last guy and it was Razor Head. Things didn’t look to bright it was another 2 on 1 situation. Razor Head was needing to plant the bomb or kill both enemies. Razor was hiding and then boom a claymore goes off one enemy down. Razor Head is one on one for the victory. All of sudden Razor Head is shot he runs and avoids death. Then another claymore goes off and Razor Head secures the victory with less then 10 seconds on the clock. Some may call it luck but Razor Head calls it clutch.

Razor said after his clutch performance “I was little worried at first, the pressure almost got to me but I pulled through with the clutch victory for my team. I just want to thank Mad Dog and GymboSlice for teaching me everything I know.”


  1. Fozyy on June 29, 2008 at 5:09 am

    razorhead i saw him in battle, and i destroyed him he such a random it was overgrown team deathmatch he was withsome punisher kid. all i know is hes a chump i didnt even need a m16 i used a pistol golden desert eagle easy nuff said

  2. butcherbacon on June 29, 2008 at 9:25 pm

    It was probably your imagination or one of your dreams you must of confused with reality.