Pafinator is Given a Shot

New Guy

Cevo Squad prepares Pafinator for an upcoming Cevo match. Pafinator is young but his game keeps progressing throughout each day. He has learned to deal with trash talk and knows how to take orders. He has alot of pressure on him but hopefully he can handle himself.

The rest of the guys and I had a big talk with Mad Dog and figured this was the best solution. I believe that as long as we practice and show him the strategies he will fit right in.

If Pafinator starts to play like Bobbigcack he is more than welcome to become a permanent member of our Cevo squad. I will post up some more information in the upcoming days to report the LRSD Cevo sqauds progress.

-Magic WoosHy-


  1. Gymboslice on July 16, 2008 at 8:54 pm

    Well Good Luck to Pafinator hopefully he is a great fit with Wooshy’s and DiaperDandy’s Cevo squad.