One "Hardcore" Moment

On the fateful Saturday night of July 12; The LRSD Hardcore Division was given the chance to finally test their “Metal” against the infamous Sinister Prophets (SP). Leading DSRL was none other then Captain Dark and his second in command 1st Lieutenant P. Followed by Private First Class Nose, Frito, and Paco.

1st Map Downpour – Team DSRL started out on offense as the British renowned S.A.S. unfortunately within a mere minute we were utterly annihilated by a well placed defensive perimeter. The next round switching to defense DSRL was once again caught with their pants down, was swiftly rushed on B side and eventually wiped out clean by Sinister Prophets. Second time on offense Team DSRL was able to make a sweet comeback. PFC Nose Dive quickly assumed command of his remaining squad members for a last ditch effort. Using the practiced and proven special-dynamite-Ninja-smoke-bomb tactic which both Nose and Frito created specifically for this map. Team DSRL was able to Ninja smoke bomb the middle courtyard and storm Bomb site A, neutralizing both claymores and enemy soldiers with extreme prejudice. Laying down suppressive fire they successfully planted the bomb and took out the remaining enemies. This gave them their first win and in turn gave back the DSRL team some needed morale and hope. With fire rekindled. DSRL was able to impressively catch up to Sinister Prophets in score for a tie breaker. Unfortunately try as they may, DSRL lost the tie breaker giving the Sinister Prophets the win for this map. In the end PFC Frito showed some great effort as the last man standing before eventually joining his fallen comrades. Hat’s off to you Frito, for giving them one helluva run for their money!!! (Ending score: 3-4 Sinister Prophets)

2nd Map Vacant – On Vacant DSRL started off on defense again as British S.A.S. Regrettably we were pushed back by what seemed like randomly chucked grenades and wall shots that eventually made us lose the round. Switching sides to offense we made a push to Bomb site A, but were sadly picked off again by grenades and rushing assailants. With our morale running on the low, things looked hopeless for the Hardcore Divisions first clan match. We were cornered animals with no were to run, desperate for a miracle… But everyone knows that even a cornered mouse bites back, and that’s the key, the trigger, the switch. For as long as I’ve played with my comrades, I’ve noticed two key traits that have been consistent to us everywhere. Our immeasurable capacity of “Courage” and our unyielding spirit of “Defiance.” In lamens terms, “The harder you hit us, the harder you push us and the more you pressure us in… The stronger we become and the bigger the ass kicking you get!!!” We don’t solely rely on outside training and practice, because that can only take you so far. No, instead we gain and grow our most right there on the battlefield. In the midst of all the bullets, grenades, and chaos. We adapt. We grow. We change. Evolution right smack in the middle of a match. The stronger the opponents, the stronger we become. We rise to the occasion; we go above and beyond your expectations because that’s how we operate. I say this to all the Call of Duty 4 clans out there wanting to test us. “It’s a double-edged sword; Go ahead and give us your best shot. You’re only feeding the Hounds of Hell making us stronger. Go too easy, and you’ll be utterly annihilated!!!” Either way it’s hopeless; face it, we’re straight up Demons… This brings me back to the ongoing match on Vacant. Just when we thought all was lost, PFC Frito rushes from Bomb site B towards the back side of site A. Upon entering he comes across two enemy soldiers; with lightning quick reflexes Frito takes aim and splatters the first ones head across the wall. With Fritos infamous quick-draw technique he acquires the second enemy within his sights and peppers the opposition with deadly accuracy. A moment doesn’t pass by when he hears the bomb plant, without hesitation he takes up aim again and sends the bomb planter six feet under. The angelic sound of “Bomb Defused!!!” rings. Next round starts on offense; Captain Dark rushes Bomb site A, shoulders a rocket and unleashes hell into site A. Snatching himself a kill he reloads his launcher, shoulders the rocket once more and sends another roaring rocket towards the opposite wall of site A. Again Captain Dark snatches another unfortunate victim. DSRL plants the bomb and wins another round after obliterating the few remaining soldiers. DSRL switches to defense and loses, but this doesn’t phase them. The momentums already building within the team and their hearts are blazing wildly with fire. They switch back to offense. Frito rushes Bomb site A, and with an amazing keen Sixth-Sense PFC Paco orders Frito to jump away. Frito does so and not moments later the spot which Frito just stood upon was blasted to sheer rubble from double enemy hand grenades. Bomb site A still has moving targets in it. Lieutenant P takes up his sniper rifle and posts himself up behind two barrels already zoomed into Bomb site A. An enemy soldier runs across his screen and with Godly precision P takes him out. A second emerges from the back entrance coming from site B and he too becomes victim to P’s sniper rifle. With Bomb site A pretty much clear, PFC Nose Dive runs in and plants the bomb. Bomb’s planted and he runs out for cover but is unfortunately shot in the back… All that remains of DSRL is Captain Dark and Lieutenant P. Captain Dark kills one of the remaining enemies but is picked off by the remainder. The last enemy drops down to a prone position inside the bomb site. The enemy soldier inches his way out thinking he can take aim and pick off Lieutenant P first. He couldn’t be any more wrong!!! As Lieutenant P fires through the wall and shreds the pitiful solider with bullets. Team DSRL was able to psyche the Sinister Prophets to the core, making one helluva comeback and an official win. (Ending score: 4-3 Darkside)

3rd Map Crossfire – With the momentum and fire still burning from the previous victory on Vacant, Team DSRL was no longer their former selves. They had transformed into homicidal monsters, anxious for the blood of the Sinister Prophets. The match had started with DSRL on defense as the U.S. Marines. PFC Nose Dive and Frito decided to rush towards Bomb site A. Nose and Frito commented, “All we heard were multiple sniper shots, and within 15 seconds Captain Dark, Lieutenant P and PFC Paco sniped all 5 of the Sinister Prophets from across the map; This was totally unexpected and inspiring, it just added to the already high morale.” Team DSRL won the first round flawlessly on offense. In those mere 15 seconds, DSRL gave the Sinister Prophets the perfect explanation of why “Keep your head down SON!!!” is our teams motto. The second round starts off and we go on the offensive. PFC Frito rushes up towards Bomb site B with his Bomb Squad perk and spots an enemy set claymore. He shoulders his rifle, takes aim at the claymore hiding behind the wall and sprays. “Boom!!!” He kills the enemy with his own claymore and nabs a lucky headshot on yet another unfortunate soul. We switch back to defense; PFC Nose Dive rushes up into the alleyway overlooking site B from across the street. From here Frito and him take out enemy soldiers one after another while Captain Dark and Lieutenant P pick off their own targets. PFC Paco moves up towards site B along the right side and nabs himself a trophy as well. Nose Dive comments, “They neva knew what hit’em!!!” DSRL wins yet another defensive round and switches right back to offense. On offense, Captain Dark and P did some serious work again with their trusty sniper rifles providing impressive fire support. While all three remaining DSRL members rushed towards Bomb site A. Paco was able to plant the bomb while Nose and Frito provided cover fire and took out triple enemy soldiers. Eventually Sinister Prophets buckled in from all the pressure DSRL was exerting and lost miserably. After DSRL’s incredible transformation, Sinister Prophets finally realized just how powerful the Darkside really was. (Ending score – 4-0 Darkside)

In the end, the Hardcore Divisions first won clan match was a monumental moment. It showed that when push comes to shove, DSRL pushes harder. Much harder!!! We put our hearts and souls into that match. We encouraged, supported and believed in one another till the very end. Let me say this to those who think all is lost when down and behind in a clan match. If you want to win, you must stand in defiance till the very end. Bolster up your courage with your comrades and realize that your bullets scare the living shit out of your enemies too. Rise up to the opposition, they push hard, you push harder, they push back, you knock them flat on their ass!!! Get better as the game goes by. Just because you’re in the middle of a match, doesn’t mean you can’t learn anything along the way, all is not lost. Adapt, grow, evolve become the hounds of hell and show them just how beast you are at decimating those who provoke you!!!

Memorable quotes and questions from the Hardcore Division team:

Media: What do you think your most memorable moment was during this match?
Paco: “I killed a person…” XD

Dark Nights Con: Awesome we are now officially ranked 3571!!!”
|x P x|: Ha!!! 357 is just a formality!!! (^_-)

Media: What do you think of Private First Class Frito?
Paco: I have doubts about his sexuality… I think he likes men…

Media: Any thing you’d like to say or add?
Frito: I’m a BEAST!!!

NOSE: We’re straight up Demons man!!!