Older Clan Members Take Rookies Under Wing!

Gymboslice and Jeffrosaw have taken two new soliders under their wing. Jeffrosaw will be teaching TrojanMan the way of the SAW/Machine gun and Gymboslice will be teaching Man Cub the way of the Gymbo/Ultimate MVP. These two veteran clan members are setting a fine example for the rest of the clan. They must see a lot of potentional in these two young guns in order for them to spend their time and mentor the young guns.

Jeffrosaw has taken a liking to young gunning TrojanMan and has noticed the kids potential. Jeffrosaw said “This kid reminds of a young Jeffrosaw and he has a big future in front of him. We can always use another saw gunner around. He might just be the next Jeffrosaw.” Jeffrosaw has been showing him how to lay down effective cover fire and what it takes to be an elite saw gunner.

Gymboslice has been guiding the young Man Cub through battle and showing him how to effectively dominate the other team. Gymbo had to carry Man Cub on his back through several battles but the kid is starting to coming around and produce some solid numbers of his own. Gymboslice said “Man Cub is the future of the LRSD and expect to see him in some Ground War battles in the near future. I can see Man Cub doing some big things in the future of the LRSD.”

Media ask Gymboslice “When do you expect to see ManCubb and TrojanMan in some important battles?”. Gymbo responded by saying “They are a long way off from playing with the A Team but they do have Charlie Team potential. You gotta be real good to crack the Alpha Team line up and I don’t see anyone cracking that line up in a while.”


  1. NOSE DiVE on July 7, 2008 at 12:35 pm

    This clans webpage is sweet!!! I love the interesting and yet funny blogs. Plus those tips on suppressive fire and sniping are nice. Every new added tips helps in getting better right? Finally, it was really enjoyable playing with some of you guys yesterday night. Hopefully we get to play again sometime in the future, but with more LSRD folk next time. ^_^

    The DarkS!de FTW!!! lulz XD

    “Hey LSRD!”
    “Keep yo head down!!!”
    “Oohhhhhhhh!!!” XD

  2. GymboSlice on July 7, 2008 at 5:04 pm

    ManCubb has been progressing very well and look for the Cub to make a run at Bravo Team. ManCub never gives up!

    Thanks Nose Dive for stopping by. Stay Tuned for more information from Gymbo’s corner. I might just do an autograph signing at the end of the month for all my fans.

  3. NOSE DiVE on July 7, 2008 at 5:14 pm

    hellzz to the yess!!! ^_^ Oh BTW is LSRD signed up on GB and if so what is it under; cause none of you guys are on the Hardcore teams roster. Thanks