New Bravo Starts Out Strong

Very recently JigSaW has motivated a few LRSD members to get back in the game, and remind everybody who Team LRSD is. He started a new team Bravo (LRSD Samwiches) with the help of Drist, Ac7ive, and Gauge. They brought in a few new members, Brizzzly, and iTerryG, and got to work.

It was a slow and demoralizing start, with Bravo going 0-2 in their first two matches, one of which JigSaW got the rules wrong ( sorry guys ). But then in true LRSD fashion they pulled their heads out of their asses and won six straight matches, one being against top TDM clan, Legends of Brutality.

Then things fell off track again, and Bravo suffered three straight losses. JigSaW and Gauge did what they do best and brought the motivation and morale of the team back up, and went on to win another five straight matches

Bravos current GB record sits at 11-5, with the future looking bright. Drist had this to say “this team has been really clicking, and everyone is so positive and brings out the best in every body else”

A definite standout has been iTerryG where in two games he has pulled out a four-piece grenade, and a five-piece MP40 slaughter, both bringing Bravo back into the lead, which they were able to hold for the W.

Look out for Bravo to make huge waves in the GameBattles Team Ladder



  1. UnyieldingGhost on August 28, 2009 at 10:06 pm

    good shit bravo. keep it up!