Modern Warfare 2: Leaked Videos Part 2

As I said their will be more videos of Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) and here they are!!!  What’s not to love?

So a review is in order

  • Level cap is 70
  • 9 out of 15 kill streak shown
  • Customizable call signs (includes your gamertag under call sign,title which is the pic, and a emblem which show your rank) (hundreds of each)
  • Shows 10+ attachments per weapon
  • RB not only for your frags
  • Upgradeable perks
  • Perk 1    scavenger = fully rearm from a dead body, Bling = 2 attachments, sleight of hand = faster reload, marathon = unlimited sprint (unknown how many will be in game)
  • Perk 2    cold-blooded= undetectable by UAV, sentry gun, air support, and thermal; stopping power = increased bullet damage, hard line= kill streaks and death streaks require 1 less kill/death, lightweight = move faster ( unknown how many will be in game)
  • Perk 3     commando = increase melee range, steady aim= increase hip accuracy, scramble = IDK  TBA(unknown how many will be in game)
  • Death streaks   copycat= after 4 death without a kill copy the class from the kill cam, Painkiller= health boost when you re-spawn after 3 death without a kill (unknown how many will be in game)
  • Suppressed snipers and shotguns

KILL STREAKS INFORMATION: ( remember this is just 9 out of the 15)

3 Kills – you get the trusty old UAV

4 Kills – you get a care package/airdrop which holds either ammo or killstreaks

4 Kills – you get counter-UAV which disables emeny radar

5 Kills – you get a sentry gun which is a airdrop placeable sentry gun

5 Kills – you get a predator missile which is a remote controled missile

6 Kills – you get a precision airstike which you call a directional airstrike

7 Kills – you get a attack helicopter which is the same as the chopper in cod 4

9 Kills – you get pave low which is a heavily armored assault chopper

11 Kills – you get the AC-130 gunship which you become the gunner to

As more information becomes available i will keep updating this post.

Hope to see you all on the battlefield

LI4th out


  1. UnyieldingGhost on September 18, 2009 at 1:15 pm

    lol good shit still cant wait for that