MadDog's Team – player biographies

Maddog’s team is on the rise and the players are forging their identities as the up and coming stars of MW2. While they are a respectable team that wins a lot of matches they aren’t perfect, but they do show the making of a future team to top the rankings. With the great achievements and relationships built by the old LRSD members and MadDog these players have a golden opportunity given they stay on track to be the next best thing in gaming. Here is the current roster of MadDog’s trainees and a little tid bit of info Maddog had to say about each one of them.

JIGSAW: an older member of LRSD. Not to take away from his skill, he’s the glue to this team that keeps everyone together and calm. He’s a great co-leader who handles problems well. He is also a great informant keeping up with all the latest intel. Jiggy on the battlefield can be found running lightweight up ahead for the team.

TAKEDOWN: a good shot and great killer, takedown is always on the frontlines. He doesn’t make the strategies but he does carry them out to completion. As all killers are he’s a well respected and desired teammate that’s been in LRSD since the beginning.

PLAYER: Player is just that. A player and he’s good at it. He has a good shot but that is not what he’s known for. Player’s a brain. You can make a novel with his callouts and strategic ideas but there isn’t always time to read books on the battlefield. He analyzes and it keeps him a step ahead. When he concentrates on his thoughts and not trying to make sure others are playing the game as mentally as he is, he is a great asset to any team.

Level: a good shot and good teammate really is a rising star.  He is young but already experienced in gamebattles and has playoff experience. With so much ahead of him he can reach great heights.  MadDog says level would play a bigger role if his mother would stop turning of his xbox in the middle of matches. Aside from that he is a really good player.

SHADOW: Shadow seems to be MadDog’s project. He demands shadow snipes no matter what the situation determined to forge the next best 1 shot killer in the game. So far shadow has lived up to expectations and even though he occasionally misses (but who doesn’t?), he improves daily as he is definitely on his way to being a feared and invisible killer.

TIVO: a “rising star” for LRSD. He is young and besides the imperfections that brings he is working his way into a well rounded good player and teammate. He doesn’t get rattled easily and is becoming a more prized member all the time.

GRIM: the “mouth” as he’s called, he talks a lot but aside from that he’s not bad. Just like any LRSD member he is good at the game. Particularly he is a good sniper. He snipes often like Shadow but it isn’t his identity. His identity would probably be…food. He eats a lot and talks a lot, but he doesn’t get rattled and is a good team member

FIGZ: Good player and good rifle shot…when he isn’t emotionally disturbed. Easily rattled but manageable under the command of MadDog, when he shuts up he plays well.

MARS: a good Search player and good sniper, he shows up to play and when he does he is like a secret weapon, needless to say, we like having mars around.
This team’s meshing together and learning form mistakes currently, but that’s not to say they aren’t good now, they are by far. However they have potential to be great, So look out for LRSD to be rising in the leaderboards.


  1. clutch on January 20, 2010 at 6:44 pm

    hey never heard of this mars dude sum1 mind telin me who he is?

  2. Team Player on January 21, 2010 at 4:15 am

    haha remind me on xbl

  3. Gymbo on January 22, 2010 at 4:13 pm

    More like No Level because the team disbanded. ha ha Well same guys they just remade and made some changes. Pre seasons over..