Mad Dog Takes Team to New Heights

LRSD is looking good as they break the top 100 in the gamebattles ladder. The mean spirited Mad Dog is instilling greatness in his players and it is exemplified in the great leadership of their newly announced co-leader ii Tivo.  Since becoming co-leader Tivo has clutched 9 times and is doing a great job where others have lacked in the past. The old co-leaders of Level, Jiggy, and most recently Shadow all proved to be unsuccesfull, but Tivo has embraced the role and flourished. He was given the “TIGER EMBLEM” by Mad Dog and he has started acting like one, a fierce and relentless killer.  Tivo is doing so great because he knows what not to do based on the previous co-leaders example and experiences.  At any rate, rather it be because of Mad Dog’s incredible slaying ability or his co-leaders in action, or teamwork in general, LRSD is getting the Job done.

At this rate all of gamebattles will be talking about the top page contender Team LRSD and how good they have been since replacing Shadow with Tivo.

Keep up the Good Work!!


Captain Insano


  1. UnyieldingGhost on February 15, 2010 at 6:30 am

    GJ tivo keep up the good work.