MadDog Leaves LRSD!

News just in MadDog has left the LRSD team and decided to sign a contract with a new squad.  MadDog was tired of the young stars proving their dominance over and over again.  LRSD couldn’t come to terms with MadDog maybe down the road he will unite with his old team.  MadDog was asking for too much power and money said one anonymous LRSD member.  Mad Dog was looking for a long term deal but at his age the rest of the LRSD wasn’t sure he could produce throughout the length of the contract.  Jeffro was quoted saying “Mad Dog can’t run like he use to”.  Magic Wooshy said “Now I won’t have someone yelling at me when I’m sniping”.  Mad Dog later said coaching and playing with such talented team such as the LRSD just wasn’t challenging enough for the Dog.  MadDog felt he couldn’t teach the guys anything else and decided to join a much weaker squad.  MadDog felt his leadership skills could teach his new rookie squad a couple things and he would get to build another team from the ground up.  MadDog was quoted in saying “LRSD is the best team in the world” and “LRSD is That Good.”  Why would Mad Dog leave the Beast of Call of Duty just as they turn pro?  Will Mad Dog return to the team of glory and bring home the Game Battle Championship?  Only time will tell what is going to happen with the LRSD and MadDog.  Stay Tuned! 


  1. Little Rock Divorce Attorney on July 23, 2008 at 5:58 pm

    Mad Dog?? Sounds more like Sad Dog or Bad Dog. He’s probably bad at the game anyway.

  2. Denton Divorce Attorney on August 8, 2008 at 10:29 am

    Why would Mad Dog leave the best call of duty 4 clan in the world. Thats rough. I’m sure he was a Sad Dog when he left. I guess thats why he’s back.