LRSD Needs Your Help!

Are you interested in helping out with the team website? Do you have any fresh idea’s we can use for our team website? Do you want to voice your opinion on whats going on inside the LRSD? Do you want to share your tips and tricks? Do you want to write game reviews? Are you interested in starting a gaming team geared towards another game?

If you are interested in helping out in anyway contact Gymbo by either e-mail at or on Xbox Live.

What Does the Website Need?

1. More Writers! We need more guys to contribute to the website and write more articles. You can write about whatever is going on with you and your team inside the LRSD.

2. Video Game Reviews or Movie Reviews… We need someone to write reviews for videos games, movies, etc… Anyone who plays a bunch of different games or watches a bunch of movies would be perfect for this job.

3. Artwork/Artists.. We need guys who can create artwork for the team besides TakedownSpecial and Magic Wooshy.  Any kind of artwork would be great.  We need new banners, photos for articles, ad creation, etc….

4. New Ideas.… Anyone got any new ideas we are open to listen..

If you are interested in any of these jobs contact GymboSlice. Either by E-mail at or on Xbox Live.

What Does the LRSD Team Need?

Teams for other Games – We would like to branch out into other games and compete in all kinds of video games.  If you would like to start a team on another game contact GymboSlice at or on Xbox Live.

Members List – We have started the members list so everyone please double check it to make sure we got everything right. Here’s a link to the page Members List Click Here


  1. GRABTHEGAUGE187 on July 16, 2009 at 5:16 pm

    liath you should do a bio on every member that are in lrsd

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