LRSD is Back – Call of Duty: World at War Beta

The LRSD has returned to battle and you can expect to see them at the top of the leaderboards of the new Call of Duty : World at War standings.  Several members have the Beta version and are prepared for the release of Call of Duty 5 : World at War.  You can find Gymboslice on there killing teams by himself.

We caught up with Gymbo and asked him some questions about the beta version.

Media: Gymbo how do you feel the new Call of Duty : World at War is coming a long?

Gymbo: It’s coming a long great.  Of course you got your lil cheaters hiding under the map but if you were playing Gymbo in the game you would try just about anything to stay out of his kill range.  The weapons are kind of old but this will probably benefit Mad Dog the most. Rumor has it Mad Dog actually invented some of the guns that are being used in the game.  Mad Dog has also influenced a change in the game, instead of helicopters you unleash dogs after you record a 7 kill streak. Where do you think they got that idea?

Media: Is the LRSD ready for battle?

Gymbo: For the most part we are ready.  Lil Jeffro is still having some issues and Takedown is starting to get back in the grove slowly. I’m sure by the time the game releases we will be clicking on all cylinders.


  1. feccyj on October 24, 2008 at 1:57 pm

    I finally got the beta. I think the games pretty good. The thompson with a round drum is particullary my choice. I also enjoy how accurate the bazooka is. And hell who doesnt like hittin people with molotav cocktails. the only thing they need to fix is that glich on roundhouse. I heard that The Mad Dog is now on team FEAR. Will he ever play with us again.. Im sick and tired off losing…The other members who are not as good as the great mad dog should make a gamebattles and get out to and early start of winning. We gotta keep the tradtion of The LRSD alive and get back to our winning ways.