LRSD Dream Team Starts Out Hot

Recently Mad Dog went on this crazy recruiting binge and assembled all sorts of talent from all the top Call of Duty teams from around the community. Mad Dog recruited top players from EnVy Us, Independence and Team Fear (Foreplay, Motii, Ghosty, Bourne, Mutation & Lego).  Mad Dog also went out and found several old timers (Hastro and RonA) to throw in the mix and to top if off Mad Dog plucked TakedownSpecial out of retirement.  A lot of people around the Call of Duty community are calling this the greatest team ever assembled and so far they are living up to the hype.

The LRSD Dream Team has started 24-6 which is a pretty impressive start for a team of super stars trying to work together for the very first time.  If there is one complaint about this team so far is their inability to win the big game against a really tough opponent.  The LRSD Dream Team is currently 0-3 against Blink, 0-1 against Havok,  and 1-2 against Simley Face. Thats a combine record of 1-6 against really solid teams. Hopefully they can turn the corner and not only beat the bad teams but also beat the really good teams.

Follow their progress here: LRSD Dream Team


  1. Fierce on September 4, 2009 at 7:08 pm

    The Vimeo Page is Mine, I have had things on my Vimeo Page for 5 months and they have not been taking off. Terry G is so Pro.

  2. Fierce on September 4, 2009 at 7:13 pm

    sorry for posting this idk why i poosted this here

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