LRSD 2-0! The Dispute is Over

Officially the LRSD have improved to 2-0. The other team tried to dispute the battle but after visual evidence, the LRSD was awarded the victory. It’s a shame other teams can’t report the proper results of a battle.

More News on the Topic:

Several Members of the other team are still trying to fight this issue. The proper victory was awarded and there is nothing further to investigate. My message to the other team is to take the loss like men. You can’t win every game. I don’t know why people got to hate and dispute the LRSD. If you beat the LRSD thats fine but if you lose take the loss like men.

GymboSlice said “I can’t believe these guys, still crying about a game they already lost. They should show some class. They better show some respect towards the LRSD. We whooped them.”

Spit Metal said “These guys are Clowns. We got evidence. The judges already awarded us the victory. There is nothing more to dispute.”

Lesson of the Day:

When you face the LRSD please report the proper score.


  1. JEFFROSAW on June 8, 2008 at 8:25 pm


    Let’s Rejoice!!