Jeffrosaw Interview Preview


Jeffrosaw was interviewed late last night regarding the resignation of Mad Dog.  Jeffrosaw was fluster and angered about Mad Dog leaving the team at such a crucial moment. The LRSD was dominating the underground ranks and were contemplating going pro. Now the LRSD has gotten together and decided to go destroy the pro ranks Mad Dog or should we say “Sad Dog” resigns / holds out and wants a new contract. Whichever the case LRSD must either move on or pony up some cash to keep the Mad Dog happy.

Media: Jeffrosaw How important is Mad Dog to the LRSD? Is he worth a long term contract and signing bonus?

Jeffrosaw: Mad Dog may not be as good as the Jeffrosaw but he is the one who keeps the team organized and discipline, despite the undefeated record, Mad Dog challenges us to be better every time. Now without Mad Dog we will still be the ruthless killers of Call of Duty but the other teams might score like 50 more points a game. As for Mad Dog being worth a long term contract I’m not sure. Mad Dog’s 40 time has slowed drastically. Mad Dog’s shuttle run slowed by 3 seconds. Also Mad Dog’s power has fallen off a bit his bench press wasn’t what it use to be. Mad Dog can shoot, hide, yell and cover an area. We offered Mad Dog what we felt was in the price range for someone of his caliber and age.

Media: Do you feel Mad Dog will come back to the LRSD?

Jeffrosaw: Well If Mad Dog comes back hes gonna have to work his way back up the ranks. Thats how things work in the LRSD. You can’t just leave the LRSD and not expect their to be consequences. If Mad Dog wants to return to glory he will return to the LRSD and work his way up the ranks back to a spot on the starting line up. No one is bigger then the LRSD and no one is bigger then Jeffrosaw.

Media: Is the LRSD going to enter the MLG / Game Battles Pro Ladder 4 man team? If so Who will make up the four man squad?

Jeffrosaw: Well its hard to pick just four people from such a well oiled fighting machine like the LRSD. If you had to break us down to just four I’d probably pick Jeffrosaw, Jeffrosaw, Jeffrosaw and Jeffrosaw. Jeffrosaw is like four players he’s good he kills everyone.

Media: If the LRSD was to meet up against Mad Dog’s new team in the Pro-Ranks what would be the score?

Jeffrosaw: Well it wouldn’t be pretty. It would be terrible to have all of Mad Dogs blood on my hands.

The rest of the interview will be brought to you by HipHopJunky Productions whos will be posting to the Online Video in the upcoming weeks.  Also We are likely to have an exclusive interview with MadDog himself explaining why he left the top clan in the nation and we will also have Mad Dog’s response to Jeffrosaws comments.


  1. Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury Lawyer on July 23, 2008 at 6:00 pm

    I heard Jeffro tried to lead a horse to water but failed.

  2. Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury Attorney on July 23, 2008 at 6:01 pm

    Wheres the video? Upcoming weeks.. This was march its july now??

  3. Denton Divorce Attorney on August 8, 2008 at 10:31 am

    Jeffrosaw you kidding me. If I saw him on the battlefield I’d probably shoot him and his little saw real easy with my uzi. He don’t want to battle with me.