Interview with Magic Wooshy!

Media: Magic Wooshy Welcome back! It’s great to see you back with Alpha Team. How does it feel to return home to the LRSD? What happen that drove your away from the LRSD?

Magic Wooshy: Well, It’s great to be back. I had it rough and learned a lot from being out of the LRSD. I left the LRSD after my suspension for the driving incident with DiaperDandy. I didn’t agree with the 10 game suspension and felt I could find another clan like the LRSD. Well I was wrong. there are no winners outside the LRSD. If their is they just haven’t met the LRSD in battle yet.

Media: How was it being the leader of Charlie Team?

Magic Wooshy: It was rough training all the new players of the LRSD. Charlie Team was a mess. We couldn’t fill a line up most nights and I was bringing guys into battle that couldn’t run and chew bubble gum at the same time. Now that we did go rid of a lot of the members and set stricter rules about getting in the LRSD things have been a lot better. Only a few of my Charlie Team guys made it up to Bravo Team.

Media: How is Bravo Team doing? Who will rise up and be their new leader? Feccy J former leader of Bravo has recently been promoted to Alpha Team and rumors are saying Co-Leader RDawg has also.

Magic Wooshy: Well Bravo Team has been looking sharp Feccy J has pointed them in the right direction but it is time he moves on and join the elite Alpha Team. I’m not sure who will rise up and take control of Bravo Team. Skippy Boo is back but I’m not quite sure he is ready to take over full responsibility of the team. Razorhead is too inconsistent and rather new to Bravo Team. Well the leaders will sit down and discuss all of that in the upcoming LRSD meeting. Heres a tip for some of the struggling bravo team soldiers trying to make it to the alpha squad just keep your head up and only accept victory!

Media: Do you know where HighFive and HipHopJunky are? Do you feel they will return home to the LRSD? How do you feel about their absence?

Magic Wooshy: Highfive was a good teammate and was someone you wanted on your team so him coming back would just be a bonus to an already stacked roster. Being a member of the Alpha Team comes a lot of stress and I learned a lot from taking a break. HighFive is probably going through something similar like I went through. I finally learned that I will always need the LRSD by my side. As for HipHop he was just a fly I was waiting to saw. He was always trying to compete with me in sniping. Sniping is something I have perfected. If I see’em I’m gonna snipe’em. I proved that in my first Game Battles back to the team. Mad Dog was even shocked. It’s unfortunate HipHop could possible be involved in that fireworks scandal. I was looking forward to dominating him in sniper battles. Well hopefully both of them will come back. We will have a spot waiting for both of them.

Media: Thanks for your time Magic and we wish you luck in your future battles with the LRSD.

Magic Wooshy: Thank you it’s been fun.


  1. NOSE DiVE on July 14, 2008 at 5:08 pm

    LoL what’s up Gymbo Quick question. How do I post up my articles for the DSRL Hardcore Division. I have no clue on how to sign up an account. Also would you mind reading my Articles first to see if it’s okay and if it’s appropriate. I’ve never writtin like this before, so I just wrote what felt natural and good lol. Thanks a bunch bro.

    Nose Dive. ^_^