Gymbo's Corner – Claymore 101

Since my last Gymbo’s corner I’ve been playing with some members of the LRSD (Bravo Team and Charlie Team Members) and noticed a major problem. These guys aren’t planting claymores properly and maximizing their kills. I heard these guys crying “My claymore didn’t kill him, what the hell!”

Teams were rushing in on our guys like freaks and not get hit with claymores. I finally came to the conclusion that Gymbo’s corner needs a Claymore 101. These kid are lost and they ain’t planting claymores like Mr. GymboSlice.

If you guys can remember the other day GymboSlice clutched out an important search and destroy game from beyond the grave. Clutching a game out is something super stars like myself do on a regular basis. Clutching games out from beyond the grave is stuff of legends.

So the story goes something like this. The LRSD got sent to overtime in a Search and Destory match (this rarely happens to the LRSD) with the game tied 3-3. I had planted two claymores before running off and eventually getting killed. Now most of the team was dead. Only Feccy J was left. He was scared (poor kid didn’t know what to do), it was a 2 on 1 situation and it was not looking good. Then all of a sudden BOOM one guy down. Then moments later another BOOM and the LRSD wins the game in overtime. So what happen? Who saved the day? Gymboslice of course. Gymbo had effectively planted two claymores before he died that allowed him to clutch out two kills from beyond the grave.

I was going to make a video myself but I found this one on youtube and it does a perfect job of breaking down how to plant claymores properly. All Bravo, Charlie and Hardcore Team members will be required to watch this video before stepping into battle with Gymboslice and the rest of the Alpha Team.

Gymbo’s Claymore Tips:

1. Don’t plant claymores in obvious areas such as middle of the street. If the claymore can be seen it will be shot and will be a waste of your time and your teams time. You only have two claymores with each life so use them wisely.

2. Use claymores to slow down teams that rush like freaks. After a team is blown up by several claymores it will slow the game down. They will be worried about getting blown up around each corner.

3. Plant the claymores at a proper angle or it will have no effect at all. I hear people cry “That guy just ran through my claymore!” Of course he did you didn’t plant the claymore at the proper angle where it can cause the most damage. One poorly planted claymore can result in massive death for your team.

4. Best area’s to plant claymore’s can be any high traffic area. Be creative! If your planting claymores in an area that no one else goes then your just an idiot.

Thanks for stopping by for another Gymbo’s Corner. See you next week.


  1. NOSE DiVE on July 7, 2008 at 5:06 pm

    Sweet!!! ^_^ Also I found planting a claymore right along side a bomb site crate opposite of the bomb you just planted works wonderfully as well as planting them behind non-wall objects like couches and washing machines where the object hides the claymore lasers but can still detect and be set off normally as if the object hiding it was not there. ^_^ Thanks for the tips BTW.

  2. Skippyboo on July 31, 2008 at 10:44 pm

    I think the first round between Odi and the Pup and choking on dill was bullshit. R Dawg demolished the whole team three times. They should’ve won the match if the council woundn’t have said no to the first match win. I think it should be 3-1 right now at 10:42 eastern time and 9:42 central time