Gymbo Loses 28-17! Spy Gate or Special Teams?

Last Night Gymboslice took on Allah the former hardcore member of the LRSD in a NCAA game. Supposably Allah is the greatest thing since sliced bread and said he would dominate Gymbo if they were ever to meet head to head. So finally the game was scheduled and it was a hard fought battle with Allah edging out Gymbo 28-17. Allah had two special teams touchdowns (punt and kick return) that really damaged Gymbo’s Team morale.

But the real story here wasn’t the fact that Allah returned two kicks for touchdowns. It was the fact that two video tapes of Gymbo’s practices were found in Allah’s locker room after the game.

Allah did stop the unstoppable Gymboslice so could it be true he used illegal video evidence to break down Gymbo’s offense, defense and special teams?


  1. ALLAH on August 28, 2008 at 5:22 pm

    This is allahs dad and gymboslice didnt have a chance because allah learned from the master