Four Members Inducted into the LRSD Hall of Fame

The LRSD will be honoring four of its legends who have been retired from the game for quite some time now.  These guys helped build the LRSD into what it is today and they deserved to be honored as the greatest players of all time. These four legends will be the first men to make up the LRSD’s most coveted fraternity.

The first class of LRSD Hall of Famers are GymboSlice, JeffroSaw, Feccy J and BobBigCack.

GymboSlice: He helped lead the LRSD to its first ever playoff birth.  Retired after going a perfect 20-0 the following season.  Gymbo invented what is known has the “GYMBO NADE” and he was a key component to the LRSD success during their first season.

Jeffrosaw: He helped carry the team up to the first page in the teams first ever World at War season.  Jeffrosaw retired just before the LRSD clinched a playoff spot. Jeffrosaw was the definition of supressive fire and he was one of the key reasons the LRSD rose to the top so fast.

BobBigCack:  He was an important member the LRSD used off the bench to come in for long range Death Match/S&D games. BobBigCack pulled out the most amazing clutch in LRSD history known as the “6 second Clutch”.

Feccy J: He was one of the top guns on the first LRSD Team to make the playoffs.  Feccy was a fierce competitor and skilled enough with all the weapons to handle any job Mad Dog threw at him.

Congratulations to these four legends of the game, without them the LRSD would never exist.


  1. Liath on September 26, 2009 at 9:05 pm

    congrat guys

  2. UnyieldingGhost on September 27, 2009 at 2:18 pm

    lol gj