Delta’s Struggle

After a Delta struggled going 1-5 through the first six games, Delta realized they have to remakes their game, entirely. After the disappointing 5th loss (to a team that was surely beatable) and a few unlucky breaks the team started its “makeover”.

Before the remake actually started there was a huge fight within the tiny group known as Delta. Grim being disappointed as everyone was, decided he wanted to give up the team and forget about Gamebattles entirely. So Bobby Shadow knocked sense into him and the room goes silent. No one has a solution to the terrible start that we have all faced. So, Shadow took it upon himself to look for help so he contacted veteran and Old Bravo leader Jigsaw. After their little talk Shadow brings what he learns to Delta Team.

After the team talks things over for a while Grim speaks out and retains the spot of leader. Grim has Delta Team go over strats for all the maps and afterwards Grim gave Delta Team a stern talking to get them all fired up.

After that the team decided to find another GB match.  First match Delta played against XDAO No Fear and they were surprised to see that Delta Team had pulled through with a victory, but that’s when Delta’s luck turned again. No Fear decides to dispute because they didn’t want to lose. Since there was nothing that Delta could of done the team continued on playing two more teams. Delta Team manages to pull off two more wins and managed to improved their win streak to 3 games in a row.

So after the remake the Delta Team is now 3-0, not great, but a start. Delta decided that we’ll find one more game and this game was like no other. Delta Team runs into a solid team that was was a remake, like most teams are now because they want to boost their GB Rank.The teams name was We be Trapping, silly name but they were 11-1 with an overall rank of 153rd.If Delta could manage a win against these guys it would bring them up a couple pages on the ranking ladder.

Bobby Shadow said “ After looking at the page I noticed that the Game Battle ranking were really low, 1,186, 2,089 and so on. So taking Jigsaw’s advice I didn’t tell the team what their in for, except for four words “Bring you’re A game” and surely they did.”

The team consisted of Shadow, mjBrier, Mugzy, and Thrashed. First map was Outskirts. Every one did their very best and managed to pull out and win with everyone doing their part, no carries, no doughnuts. Second map was Seelow. A win here would put the game away and that’s exactly what we needed. MjBrier asks to snipe and Shadow replies with a yes.

Shadow said “Now going through my mind I was nervous that things would go wrong if he sniped but, he proved me completely wrong. He had been sniping the past few games putting up excellent numbers so why not let him. End of the game he ends up going 6-3. Thrashed a new member to game battles with the LRSD did excellent following all direction given, no questions asked. He ended up going 4-4. Mugzy did well as he usually does going 5-4 not great but enough to get the win. Finishing the game was the best feeling, not doing well in the first six and winning our next 4 with some tough teams. So I think its safe to say tteam is getting back on track and hope to keep on winning.

Note: We Be Trappin ended up disbanning after Delta Team won.

Bobby Shadow


  1. GRABTHEGAUGE187 on August 19, 2009 at 6:37 pm

    Goodjob delta team

  2. GymboSlice on August 21, 2009 at 4:41 pm

    Good job Delta Team.. See Bobby Shadow is the future of the LRSD..

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