Alpha Team Gives Hardcore Team a Reality Check!

Last night the Hardcore Team had a scrimmage with the LRSD Alpha squad (Well not the whole Alpha squad). The Hardcore team was riding this huge wave of momentum (5-0 in Game Battles) and wanted to challenge the Alpha Team in a friendly hardcore match. IX P XI and DarkNights wanted to show the Alpha Team that they can’t be stopped in hardcore but the match didn’t go as they planned.

The scrimmage was a hardcore search and destroy match something Alpha Team doesn’t practice very often, if at all. The Alpha Team brought some of their superstars in for this one. They really wanted to test the hardcore team and see what all this “Darkside” hype was all about.

GymboSlice, Mad Dog, Jeffrosaw and Takedownspecial (What We Like to Call the Fab Four) were all participating in the scrimmage. When these four step on the battlefield together the other team is usually in for a beating. RDawg joined them as the fifth member of the team. The Alpha Team wanted to find out what the “DarkSide” was all about.

The Hardcore team brought some of their best players but it just wasn’t enough.

Round One started with the Alpha Team securing the first victory of the match. The Hardcore Team was not phased as they came right back and won the next two rounds and took the lead over Alpha Team 2-1.

GymboSlice said “Don’t worry the game has just begun.”

Next thing you know the Hardcore Team was rocked and the Alpha Team easily took the next 3 games too locked up a 4-2 victory. Those 3 rounds the Alpha Team dismantled the “Darkside” and showed them the light. The DSRL learned a major lesson during the battle and that was not to underestimate anyone especially the LRSD Alpha Squad.

Mad Dog built the LRSD and the Alpha Team so of course they are good at everything, even hardcore. Mad Dog said “I just wanted to put IX P XI and the Darkside in their place. Hopefully my sniper bullet to IX P XI’s head sent the message loud and clear. The Alpha Team has been through millions of battles together and I knew the Hardcore team just didn’t have that kind of experience yet. The Darkside obviously needs more training. A couple lessons from Mad Dog might be in order.”

Their leader DarkNightsCon was shocked and speechless. IX P XI was frustrated and a little banged up from the fight. The Alpha Team had just put the Hardcore Teams ego in check.

When asked if the Hardcore Team wanted a rematch they all declined and came random excuses not face the Alpha Team again.

Frito said “I got homework to do.” (Ain’t School out till next year Rookie)

IX P XI said “I fractured my trigger finger in the battle and have to go put ice on my hand.” (Hey that’s what happens when you shoot at air)

DarkNights said “Wendy’s just called me I gotta pick up my food.” (Since when can you call your order into Wendy’s)

Paco said “I gotta go check the oil in my car it was running a little low.”

Someone even said their brother sprayed them with Lysol during the game thats why he didn’t perform as well. Every excuse in the book was thrown at the Alpha Team so they left with the victory and went back to training.

I’m sure the two squads will scrimmage a million more times in the future.


  1. Allah on July 15, 2008 at 11:39 pm

    ohhhh….. i see how it is u play a match against alpha squad without ur best player? BTW thats HPxAllahx21

  2. Gymboslice on July 16, 2008 at 2:37 am

    IF you were there I don’t think the outcome would of been any different. You might of made it 4-3. Probably would of been worse maybe a 4-1 or a 4-0.

  3. NOSE DiVE on July 16, 2008 at 2:10 pm

    Aha!!! Best players playing??? Nopez ya’ll forgot about meehz!!! I may not be the highest of skill shooter, but hell!!! I’ve got the brains!!! The craziest and sickest modern warefare tactics out there along with the best battle field awareness to boot. Shit, I’ll be making you run circles all day just by thinking it haha. XD

  4. Gymboslice on July 16, 2008 at 2:34 pm

    A little inner clan rivalry never hurt anyone. Next time we play I would like to request that Nose Dive and Allah be in attendance.