2nd Hall of Fame Class Announced

Since it is the end of World at War and the beginning of the new Modern Warfare 2 era, I would like to announce the 2nd class of Hall of Famers that will be joining GymboSlice, Jeffrosaw, Feccy J and BobBigCack in the LRSD World at War Hall of Fame.

The 2nd Class of Hall of Famers are:

TakedownSpecial – Takedown was one of the top guns in the game and pretty much a self proclaimed legend.  Takedown was arguably the best gun the LRSD had during the World at War Era.  Takedown will finally take his rightful place with the rest of the LRSD Hall of Famers.

Mad Dog – After much debate Mad Dog did get enough votes to get into the Hall of Fame. The accusations of him using modded weapons were just merely accusations. These false reports hurt his chances as Mad Dog received just enough votes to get in.  After all Mad Dog has created the LRSD and lead the LRSD to many victories (some by carrying the team on his back).  I guess Mad Dog does deserve some credit for the LRSD overall success.

Jigsaw – Jig was another tough vote but once again he got barely enough votes to get into the Hall of Fame.  Some people have questioned Jigsaw’s gun skills over the World at War season but no one can question Jigs dedication to the LRSD.  Jigsaw was the ultimate team player and this was probably one of the major reasons he will be honored in the Hall.

Better Luck Next Time!

RazorHead received only 10% of the vote. Sorry Kid you are gonna have to wait till the next round of nomination.

Diaper Dandy received 30% of the vote but you got to get at least 60% of the vote to get in.  Better luck on the next round nominations.

Magic Wooshy also received 30% of the vote but it just wasn’t enough to get in.  Hopefully in the 3rd Hall of fame Class you will see Wooshy and Diaper make it in.

Grim Punisher only got 8% of the vote. Many of the board members felt he was just to young to become Hall of Famer just yet.

Bobby Shadow got a mediocre 23% of the vote but again many of the Hall of Fame board members felt he was just way to young and he never lived up the HYPE Mad Dog created for him.

We will be nominating our 3rd Hall of Fame Class in about two months. So  Stay Tuned.


  1. GymboSlice on November 6, 2009 at 12:10 pm

    Congrats to Jig, Mad Dog and Takedown!