Yellow, Orange, and Red.

Different game modes and game situations call for different styles of play. In the following article I will explain these different situations and the “yellow,orange, and red” meter that goes along with them.

First. the yellow.Playing yellow means kind of laid back on a defensive. This type of play most likely goes with search and destroy. It can also go with a death-match when you are winning but it is still a close game. Even when in yellow you always have to be ready for action and always be aware of your surroundings and be ready to shoot the enemy.

Next, there is orange. Orange can also be used for many situations. I’ve seen orange most productive in war. The reason is you have some teammates rush and try to capture the objectives, while the remaining teammates provide cover from other positions. Orange can also be used in death-match and search and destroy. For death-match orange means you send some to kill and some to cover the teamates that rush. This is most likely used when you are trying to secure a better lead on the opponent. Other than war and deathmatch orange can be used for search and destroy. In search and destroy this is mostly used when you are a couple men down and want to try to even the odds up. In orange in SnD you will be on more of an offensive.

Finally, you have red. Red means that you bumrush like freaks, but freaks with a purpose. Red is meant to take the enemy out shortly and effectively. This type of play is mainly used in SnD and deathmatch. For SnD there is certain maps where are team is trained to take a certain class out and just rush to one plant site. This type of play usually catches the other team off guard, but even if there expecting you it still works. red is also used in deathmatch when you are behind in a game and you NEED to take the lead.

Thats it for all the styles of play. When either you are playing pubs or you are in gamebattles remember these and it will help you out a lot.


Inspired by Mad Dog