Word on the Street

Charlie Team Rebuilding

There have been some major changes in the last few days with Charlie Team.  The Council has brought in some new talent to help rebuild Charlie Team.  OverDose has been moved back to Charlie Team and even though his stay on Alpha was short that doesn’t mean OverDose is bad (He’s just not good), it just means the playing time was just not there for him right now on Alpha Team.  Pafinator will remain on Charlie Team and he said “I like the new recruits so far.”

The New Charlie Squad is rumored to feature Russell Crow, Liath, SupaFlyMunsta, OverDose, KingA and Paf. The council will announce the final roster soon. Several other recruits are still in the interview process.  When we asked Mad Dog about this team all he said was “They are going to listen and they are going to win.”

BobBigCack Returns to Alpha

BobBigCack has unretired and will return to Alpha Team.  BobBigCack was an Alpha Team member but retired after his greatest performance ever “The 6 Second Clutch”. After playing with Bore on a regular basis, BigCack decided to come out of retirement and return to Alpha Team.  Look for BobBigCack to work his way back into the deep LRSD Alpha Lineup.

Bore Goes Delta

Bore, Razorhead, Kill Tyrant, HighFive and Nards will be shipped down to Delta Team or just play Pubs.  Bore will be given leadership of Delta (Even though he failed with Charlie) and he will have the ability to create and build his own team. Lets see if Delta Team can actually piece together a real team this time.

Gymbo Struggles Continue

Gymbo has been struggling lately and doesn’t know what is going on.  Gymbo is trying everything to get his game back on track.  Takedown said “He is going to have to do some serious soul searching if he’s going to continue to get playing time on Alpha Team.  It’s not that Gymbo is doing really bad its just Gymbo isn’t being Gymboslice.”

We asked Gymbo what seems to be the problem and he said “You can’t put the total blame on me. Yes, I have been playing bad for Gymboslice standards but I think my supporting cast has been struggling lately and that has hurt my performance.”

Bravo Team Reloads

Bravo Team has removed a few bums from their line up and added some new talent.  MikeyOwnz, True Exiile, and Dynasty HK have been added to the Bravo Team line up and they are already starting to make a major impact.  Jigsaw said “I am happy with my new teammates and I can see the difference already.  We are really coming together as a team.  These guys are solid team players and I would like to stress team players. These are just the kinda guys we needed.” Bravo Team currently holds a Game Battles record of 22-21 but we can expect to see them winning a lot more with these new recruits.  This is a young team and they are just learning how to play together.

Alpha Gets 40 Wins

Congrats to the Alpha Team for continuing their dominance on Game Battles.  They just recorded their 40th victory and they continue to climb up the standings.  Alpha Team looks to be a serious contender for the Game Battles title and if they continue to play as a team they are going to be hard to beat. We caught up with Mr. Gymboslice and he said “Winning is great but we need to keep up this dominance.  The playoffs are still a while away. We got a lot of work to do before we accomplish our mission. We have added a lot of talent and all the pieces are falling into place. I can’t wait for the playoffs.”