Wooshy Struggles and Feccy Carries

The Magic Boys took to the battlefield and struggled out the gate but prevailed with a victory and improves to 1-0. The Magic Boys faced a very tough Paf and Stars team and they got taken the distance. We needed double overtime to decide the outcome. The favorites of this tournament didn’t look sharp but they got the job done when it counted the most.

Game One – Crash

Paf and Stars came into this game as the underdogs but were able to gain the respect of the Magic Boys after game one was said and done. Wooshy struggled and Feccy J carried and the Magic boys prevailed in a close contest. Paf and Stars had a lead going into round 6 and had a chance to put the Magic Boys down but the victory slipped from there grip and the tourney favorites pulled out game one 4-3.

Magic Wooshy said “I was shooting like shit in game one. I wasn’t prepared for a game at this time and I’m sure I will turn it around in the future.”

Feccy J said “I can’t win this tournament by myself. I need Wooshy to carry his share. My back just won’t hold up with that kind of weight.

Game Two – Strike

Paf and Stars continued to pressure the Magic Boys and took an early 2-0 lead in the game. Both teams were making very big tactical mistakes during this game and leaving the A bomb site wide open. Both teams took advantage of the lack of defense and we say a lot of bomb planing. Paf and Stars got the better of the Magic Boys this round and Wooshy continued to struggle. Wooshy couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn and it showed as Paf and Stars took the game 4-3.

Game Three – Overtime (Videoed by Damage)

This game was a laugher. No one got any kills. No one moved from there spawns and this death match was the first ever 0-0 score in LRSD history. Both Teams looked scared to drop the first game of the tournament.

Game Four – Double Overtime – Shipment (Videoed by Damage)

This Game was captured carded by Pro Gamer Damage and it was a great game. The death match was a seesaw battle going back and fourth till the later part of the match. Wooshy showed up in this one and dominated like the Magic Wooshy we known and love. Wooshy and Feccy J pulled away in the last 3 minutes of the match and took the game 490 to 390.

The Magic Boys pulled out the victory but it wasn’t pretty. They still are the team to beat. The Magic Boys showed a lot of heart by battling back time and time again. Pafinator and Nards were very impressive despite losing this one. Look for these two teams to meet in the playoffs. I expect both teams to be there at the end.