Why isn't Mad Dog in the Hall of Fame??

A lot of people have been asking “Why isn’t Mad Dog in the Hall of Fame??” Mad Dog is one of the greatest players the LRSD has ever seen and he is the only leader the LRSD has ever had.. So why isn’t he in the Hall???”.

Well, according to statistics Mad Dog does belong in the Hall of Fame but there has been some rumors floating around that Mad Dog might not get in the Hall of Fame because of several violations against the LRSD Hall of Fame Code of Conduct.

So for all of you Mad Dog fans out there wondering “Why isn’t Mad Dog in the Hall of Fame?” here is a simple break down for you.

Hall of Fame Requirements:

1. You must be retired for at least 1 full GB season. (Note: Mad Dog is not eligible he is still playing)
2. You must have played on a LRSD playoff team.
3. You must be skilled in several areas of the game.
4. You have never been caught cheating.
5. You must represent the LRSD with class.

(Note:  You must get voted in by the LRSD Hall of Fame Committee. Which is made up by Current Hall of Famers and Media Members)

Reasons Mad Dog should get in the Hall of Fame:

1. Mad Dog has played on all the great LRSD Teams.
2. Mad Dog has been one of the top players in the LRSD.
3. Mad Dog leads all LRSD members in Game Battles kills.
4. Mad Dog has played in the most Game Battles games.
5. Mad Dog has been the LRSD’s only leader.

Reasons Mad Dog Should Not Be in the Hall of Fame:

1. Mad Dog has not been retired for more then 1 Game Battles Season. He continues on like Brett Favre so how can you put an active player into the Hall of Fame?? Should there be an exception for Mad Dog.

2. Video of Mad Dog Using Performance Enhanced Weapon : Not sure if this video will hold up as solid evidence against Mad Dog and prevent him from being inducted into the Hall but that will have to be decided by the Hall of Fame committee. One thing is for sure it doesn’t help his chances.

3. Video of Mad Dog Loosing His Cool in Battle : It sounds like Mad Dog got a little flustered in battle. I’m not sure if the Hall of Fame Committee will view this as a negative against Mad Dog but again it doesn’t help his chances.

4. This Mad Dog blooper video is another strike against the great Mad Dog. Everybody makes mistakes so this probably isn’t going to affect his Hall of Fame Status.

Stay tuned and we’ll find out in a couple months if Mad Dog gets voted in by the Hall of Fame committee.  Right now Mad Dog does not seem like a lock to get in to the Hall.