Welcome Back

I would like to welcome every one back to the LRSD. It might have been a while but we’re back in action. With the return of the LRSD there will be some new things going on. As you can already see we do have a “.com” and a new look to the website. All who have returned are mostly on Call of Duty 5 but you will see us sometimes killing in Call of Duty 4. A new feature to the LRSD is that we will be recruiting some members other than people we know. I will mainly be looking for people that play good and work good as a team. If anyone has any ideas you can contact any of the clan members and they will contact me. Following that the team and i will hold a tryout for the recruit. The team will vote him/her in. As you might remember we had Mad Dog Madden Ratings, these will be eliminated. Instead of the Madden ratings we will be putting together an assortment of different awards. A couple for example are: Gymbo Award- Tank Immobilizer; Feccy Award- Sniper; BigCack Award- Most t-bags. Those are only some of them, there will be a lot more. Another idea we had was a team store. This store would have t-shirts, tea cups, and other items. The items would have something to do with Team LRSD. Another issue is donations. Although we are sponsored by Mad Dog Gaming, we could use some small donations. Is a couple bucks really going to hurt. This is just a welcome back and a brief overview of some of the new ideas for the team.

Hope to see you all on.


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