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Tivo Can’t Back Up Trash Talk

TiVo made some bold statements leading up to their GB match with TBRE.   TiVo said “We are the best Search & Destroy Team in the game. PERIOD!” and TiVo also said “I am the best player in the LRSD.  I got a better gun then Takedown.” If this is the case then why was TiVo personally stomped on by TBRE.

Tivo’s team personally requested a match against TBRE (Mad Dogs team) and basically got their ass handed to them. Some say it was more like a prison rape and oh man “TiVo tears” were definitely shed in this match.  Tivo played like it was his first time playing the game and took one of the worst beatings ever recorded.

If Tivo was the best player in the game, wouldn’t you think he would show up for his team?? Watch some Highlights from the game or should I say Lowlights.

TiVo was such a death machine that even his own teammate Mugzy doesn’t even want to help him out and stand next to him during the game.  Watch as Mugzy leaves his position and runs away as McNasty turns the corner and kills TiVo.