The Legend of Jeffrosaw

bigfoot It’s hard to explain but Jeffrosaw is like Bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster… Some believe he exist.. While others still continue to doubt his existence despite all the evidence in front of them.

There are stories of Jeffrosaw getting 42 kills in a single S & D game.. While others say they seen him snipe 6 people with one sniper round… There are millions of crazy tales about Jeffrosaw’s accomplishments.. Some are true while others tend to be exaggerations of reality..

So does Jeffrosaw really exist?  (Yes.. He does!! It is hard to believe there can be a player this good..)

Why is Jeffrosaw on Alpha Team? (Jeffrosaw is one of the original LRSD members and has been with the team from the beginning.. Some say he’s pretty good at the game.)

Does Jeffrosaw offer lessons? (No.. He does not believe in sharing his knowledge or skill..)

When’s the next time you will see Jeffrosaw? (Who knows.. Your guess is as good as mine..)