The Element of Surprise Coming Soon!!

elementofsurpriseHave you ever wondered how to use the “Element of Surprise” to your advantage? (Of Course!!!)

Well.. Wonder no more!! In his upcoming book  LRSD council member JigSaw will teach you how to use the Element of Surprise.  In this book “The Element of Surprise” JigSaw will breakdown a number of ways on how to sneak up on your enemies and strike when they aren’t expecting an attack. JigSaw is what you call a “Master of the Knife Attack” and he will be happy to share his knowledge with you.

The book will cover:

  • When and How to use Knife Attacks
  • Using Silenced Weapons
  • Sniping like a champion
  • Camouflage: How to look and feel invisible
  • Stalking your Prey like a Tiger

It was surprising to Jigsaw that most of the LRSD members didn’t know how to use the “Element of Surprise” to their advantage.  JigSaw said “When I’m on the attack. I like to use the Element of Surprise… I feel it gives me a strong advantage over my opponents and it allows me to strike fear into the opposition.  I’ll get them thinking is JigSaw gonna pop up out of no where again??”

One things for sure.. I can’t wait for JigSaw’s book “The Element of Surprise” to hit book stores everywhere.