The Chocolate Way

Hey guys its Chocolate, I have not made a post in awhile and I have not been around due to some differences at the studio. I been recording my new mixtape Lil C’s the road to redemption. It’s going good, hot fiya.  I been thinking the LRSD might need some changes in the way we name our members, yea some of our names are cool but we have to have nicknames its pretty much mandatory. So I been thinking of names for all of our members I will name a few here for now.

Gymboslice new nickname is Big Brotha

BlackerBerry is now Chocolate

Takedownspecial is now Gym Class Hero

Mad Dog is now The Bounty Hunta

Diaperdandy is now Eye Patch

Insano is now  Mr Complex

Breezy is now Young & Micless