Teamwork.. What Does it Mean?

What is the definition of Teamwork?


“Teamwork is a joint action by two or more people or a group, in which each person contributes with different skills and express his or her individual interests and opinions to the unity and efficiency of the group in order to achieve a common goal.”

This does not mean that individuals on the team are no longer important.  Each individual must be able to carry out their job.  What it does mean is that the team comes before any individual or individual accomplishment. In order to be a successful team everyone on the team must buy into the fact that “No one is better then the Team.”

What is a Team Player?

“A person who can function effectively as part of a group of individuals, sharing information and striving towards a common goal.”

Team player does not mean the player who gets the most kills or the player who thinks hes the best.  A team player is someone that will always put the team first and not worry about his own individual stats.  Yes, good stats are important if you want to win the game but having great stats doesn’t necessarily make you a good team player.