Team LRSD Photo

We will be scheduling a Team Photo and video session sometime this week.  Please send Mad Dog, Gymboslice, Jeffrosaw, Takedownspecial or Feccy J times that you are available for the Team Photo.  The LRSD is having a montage created by the great Hastro and if you don’t want to be left out then get your butts online and make it to this event.  We all know you guys love the spot light so heres your chance to be a star.

We would like to do this at a reasonable time not at 3 am or anything crazy. We would like to have this done by this weekend.  Hastro is currently working very hard on this video montage for the LRSD so please show him some respect and show up.  I don’t want to hear anyone crying why wasn’t I in the video after it is completed if you did not make the effort.


The Great GymboSlice